Home Worldview Are women preachers endangering the Gospel?


  1. You just used this shit as an excuse for shoving your racist sexist homophobic transphobic conservative 1950’s “women-should-be-sex-slaves-and-housewives”,

    religious cultish ass thoughts down our throats you stupid cunt.

    This is why religion in general and Christianity especially should be abolished and people left to their own prayers and shit because else they try and force everyone else to be in this hate cult filled with white straight conservative men as leaders and straight white conservative women shoved in a corner, since anyone that isnt a straight white “normal person” isnt allowed in, and women are shoved to the back because you’re all fucking retarded misogynistic pigs;

    who cant act normal and treat people with respect, and have to call anything that doesn’t align with your shitty rhetoric satanic, when actually i would call you satanic because; the Bible has been mistranslated many times to fit people’s bigoted beliefs.

    Eve was EQUAL to Adam, not a fucking side piece accessory. Eve was a half taken from Adam not a rib, people use that as en excuse to be sexist. Men shall not lay with boys means don’t be a fucking pedophile, not don’t be gay you stupid fucking scumbag. And the only reason people seem to hate trans people and gay people other than being a piece of shit, is religion. Funny that?

    Also black lives matter is necessary along with critical race theory, it’s not satanic or demonic, you are. It teaches people to not be racist pieces of shit, and all the racist shit that has happened in history, but you don’t want kids learning about that, because then they might question your retarded racist ass views on anyone that isnt white.

    Fuck you, I hope you get stage 4 cancer or burns all over your body so you have to suffer for the rest of your life, and all the people who know you get to see you suffer, and all the people who see you laugh because you are an ugly piece of shit on my shoe, who I hope will burn in hell for being a bigoted racist sexist cuntbag.

    I hope all your effort to appease this so called God that apparently exists, is for absolutely nothing, and that when you die hopefully sooner than later, you go to hell if it exists, and burn for eternity, making both life and death hell for you, and just when you get used to hell on earth and in the afterlife, even worse shit happens to you, and every now and then you get a little bit of happiness only for it to be pulled from you a moment later, so you could wish you had that but you don’t because you’re a garbage excuse for a person. Eat shit and die.


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