Witchcraft rises among Millennials, thanks to Hollywood movies

rise of witches

The US has more Millennial witches than Presbyterians

Witchcraft and paganism have increased significantly among the US millennials, as Christianity declines. There are approximately 1.5 million Americans who identify as Wicca or Pagan, more than the number of Presbyterians [Christian Post].

The upward trend is evident in the spike of mystic shops across the US and online. The beauty trend ‘Wicca make-up‘ and the growing trend of fashion and brands that adopts witchcraft elements have gained loyal following the past few years.

Witches cast spells on conservative leader Trump

US President Trump is hated in most countries because of his colorful personality. Ironically, he gets massive support from Christians for his stand against abortion, support for traditional marriage, and religious freedom.

Interestingly, thousands of witches cast spells on Trump. They held consecutive rituals to hex Trump and Judge Kavanaugh. Tickets sold out and half of the proceeds went to the infamous Planned Parenthood. Witches are leftist democrats who are for abortion, same-sex marriage, and a twisted view of equality and diversity.

Subtle witchery among Christians

Today, witchcraft can be in subtle forms. For example, a Pastor telling you to jump up and down or open an umbrella to receive blessings. It could be meditating “a huge ball of water” on Australia to stop bushfires, which is actually an occultic practice. Unsuspecting Christians could be chanting using Jesus’ name to stop a volcano from erupting, like a babbling pagan.

Joy Tan-Chi: Pastor’s teenage daughter raped by seven men.

What parents can do

1. Pray the Lord’s Prayer

Witcraft and paganism are demonic. The Bible tells us that the ruler of this world is the Prince of darkness, Lucifer himself [John 14:30]. This would explain a lot of things, but more importantly, it gives a good reason why Christians should pray for the return of Jesus soon. [Matthew 6:10]

Satan has already been defeated on the cross, and a final battle is to occur, casting him together with his witches at the pit of hell. This will happen when Jesus returns. [Matthew 24:30-3]

2. Parental movie guidance

Movies are laced with the subliminal messages that show witchcraft is cool, powerful, and practical. Consider the many movies that have come up through the decades. It began in the mid-1960s with the TV sitcom ‘Bewitched’ starring Elizabeth Montgomery. She made casting spells looked fun. It as quickly followed by the children’s cartoon ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ in the 1970s.

First and Post Millennial were born

In the 1980s, the Witches of Eastwick starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Randon, and Cher ushered witcraft as glamorous and useful. Although Hocus Pocus (1993) starring Bette Midler will be considered by viewers as a cult classic, the movies Craft (1993) and Practical Magic (1998) starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman will be considered timeless.

Keep in mind that witchcraft is not only condemned in the Bible but anyone suspected of doing this magic is burnt at the stake during the middle ages. A far cry to how witches are viewed today.

Post Millennial Generation Z is born

Sealing the protagonist’s image of witchery is Harry Potter in 2001. Since then, there really is no need to convince people what witches and warlocks typify. Harry made it perfectly clear that this dark art can be good. Point is? Since our kids will find it difficult not to see these movies, we must be vigilant in keeping them informed, that this type of depiction is a lie.

It’s not over: Netflix’s Once upon a time is more convincing

Netflix #OUAT was released in 2011, but have survived a continuing season in 2018 with 156 episodes. It is considered as the longest-running series which targets teen viewers (Post Millennial – Generation Z), with the most number of episodes.

It depicts bad witches and warlocks who in the end become good people. Prominent in the series are ‘portals,’ which has been appearing in several Hollywood movies lately. Portals are gateways which in real life are being created by the most powerful particle collider, CERN which aims to open a dimension. [Smithsonian]

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