Why Google fired Software Geek James Damore over his sexist misogynist memo

Google asked James Damore for his opinion, gets fired for his sexist memo

Well educated, James went to MIT and studied science, biology, physics, and chemistry. He took his Ph.D. on Mathematical Biology at Harvard and his interest in the algorithm, ‘the little puzzle things’ he calls, drew him to a coding competition. He did well and Google invited him for a job opportunity. At Google, he was asked to attend a training program.

Google Diversity Training

With only about 20% of women working at Google, the training discussed what measures can be taken to achieve a 50/50 diversity. The training had multiple programs that discussed racism, microaggression, white male privilege and how that’s holding back women. The Google workplace is dominated by men.

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Ideological difference

After the training, the company asked for feedbacks. James felt driven to respond through an internal memo. In his 10-page document, he argued that men may be more suited to working in tech than women. James’s views were based on the natural abilities and characteristics of different genders.

Damore sees things differently and criticized Google as an “ideological echo chamber.” He described Google’s program as largely “shaming and no, you can’t say that, that’s sexist” (GIEC). Google fired him.

“I’m just a nerd. I never really thought it will explode like this, I just wanted to discuss the issue with the diversity program,” says James.

How it led to firing

James sent the memo to diversity groups (Unbiasing, Your Journey, Rethinking Race, and individuals). The blow came when he sent it to one group “Skeptics,” who said what he wrote was crap and branded him as misogynist.

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He also got an angry email from someone who said: “I’m gonna hunt you down until your fired.” James told HR about the threat (and memes that made fun of him). He was advised to work at home. Some of his co-workers wrote to management and demanded he should be fired for his sexist views. Google executives told them to ignore James’ ‘harmful document.’ HR called to inform him that he was fired for perpetuating gender stereotypes.

According to talk show host, Dave Rubin who interviewed Damore, he didn’t find the document offensive nor did it attack anyone. Clinician and author, Professor Jordan Peterson said what Damore claimed was scientific.

WATCH VIDEO: Dave Ruben interviews James Damore

Parents: Ready your children

In the world dominated by giants like Google, CNN, and Facebook that promote sexual diversity, a conservative view can land you into hot waters. A time will come that people can no longer speak their mind unless it conforms to a certain ideology. This world of collectivism, built on a dysfunctional understanding of love destroys freedom of speech.

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Ideological war: We are now at war with ideology, culture, and worldview that is directly opposed to God. If your children are ill-equipped with God’s armor (Ephesians 6:10-18), this world ruled by Satan will consume them (1 John 5:19). Christian parents should prepare their kids to fully understand Biblical truths.


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