Why anxiety and depression increasing among teenagers

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Three main causes of depression today, as the last days draws near

According to Pew, many American teenagers face depression and suicide. The phenomenon is worldwide, and the Bible gives us the reasons why.

Satan can cause depression and anxiety. He uses an army of devils, lies, deception, and fear. He has this ability when we give Satan a foothold.

Mild or common depression is different from chronic or clinical depression (psychotic-like breaks with reality). Nonetheless, the cause is often associated with stress, environment, trauma, illness, or genes.

1. Increased knowledge

The spike of depressive symptoms began in 2008, a year after iPhone was introduced. Since then, more people have had wide access to internet information at home or on the go. The connection between increased knowledge and depression is self-evident.

Pew Research
In 2008, however, the percentage of internet users to look online for information about depression, anxiety, stress, or mental health issues rose to 28%, a statistically significant increase.

Daniel 12:4
Many will roam about, and knowledge will increase.

The connection between increased knowledge and depression

Today, more younger people are entitled because they know too much and think they know better. Attaining knowledge with such ease (through the internet) discourages them from submitting to authority or obeying their parents.

For example, more students today fail in America because they can ask Siri or Google for anything. There is no need for academic excellence. When a parent pushes a child to study, there is resistance that opens other doors for them to disobey.

Boomers and an entitled lazy generation

Older folks (pre-smartphone generation) find it amusing when young people complain about how stressful or depressive life is.

Naturally, boomers experienced a more difficult life, devoid of many conveniences kids have today. As a result, a little discomfort causes them anxiety.

  • More younger people feel entitled because of increased knowledge but lacked life skills. Uncomfortable cirmstances where they can develop life skills are rare.
  • In many American schools, students are failing despite lowering academic standards. Knowledge is take for granted because its literary at the palm of their hand.
  • Decades ago, students had to physically go to the library, carry heavy books, and write notes. Those are all optional today.

a little discomfort causes them anxiety.

2. Neurosis: Overt cause of teenage depression

Neuroticism is a personality trait characterized by the tendency toward negative emotions such as anxiety, anger or irritability, guilt, low self-esteem, poor response to stressors, and depression. [Neurosis in the Bible]

Synaptic pruning may also disable teenagers to think straight. Having a dysfunctional family controlling parents who are associated with neurosis exacerbates it. Thus causing depressive episodes.

Although we can justify it as physiological (blame the genes), the Bible calls it a “sinful nature.”

Whatever the cause of depression is, the Bible tells us that Jesus healed ALL kinds of diseases, whether it was genetic or caused by the devil. (Matthew 4:23)

2 Timothy 3:2
For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy,

2.1 Disobedient or disrespectful child

  • When a child is frequently disobedient or disrespectful, a parent may sin by losing their cool which causes them to disrespect or reprimand their child in anger, not out of love.
  • Most teenagers have difficulty handling these situations which may cause them to be depressed.
  • Instead of accepting responsibility for their disobedience, they blame the parents which in turn allows the “spirit of unforgiveness” to rule their hearts. [Demonic foothold of sin]
  • Unforgiveness, which is a sinful nature, is linked to depression. [Dayton, Torges, Krause]

2.2 Demanding or absentee parents

  • Controlling parents can cause lifelong psychological damage to a child.
  • A child feels unloved when a demanding parent fail to listen and give room for understanding, even if the child is less deserving of it.
  • The adolescent child may grow up insecure or rebellious.
  • Even if its the parent’s fault, insecurity and rebellion are sins in the Bible.
  • Most teenagers today are fatherless and without family support or church fellowship, the devil waits to devour them.

The only remedy is to find take comfort in one’s identity in Christ.

3. Unforgiving and an unloving generation

Forgiveness is essential to Jesus, and it is a critical part of the Lord’s Prayer. Before unforgiveness, there is anger. When we don’t let go of it, we sin and allow Satan an opportunity to gain a foothold. (Ephesians 4:26-27)

  • Only Jesus can heal a broken spirit, to reject Him is the sin of pride in itself.
  • One of Satan’s scheme is to divide families and relationships. The most effective sin that can do that is unforgiveness.
  • Hurt or falling out of a relationship can also cause depression. Forgiveness sets the tone of recovery.
  • Studies show unforgivness can cause depression and anxiety. [NCBI]

2 Timothy 3:3
They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good.

Your child’s only hope

Even if the world is ending on a sad note, we take comfort as children of God that redemption draws new. We hold on to the promises of Jesus, who alone is our healer.

How to overcome sinful nature?

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