Which College Course is Right?

What college career course is right for my high school graduate?

High school grade performance is a common predictor of what college career is best. Another way to find out is to measure the IQ and interest.

Charles Spearman proposed that “General intelligence” (or “g factor“) is the basis of all other intelligence. It is broken down into specific intellectual components, such as one’s ability to process math equations or linguistic puns.

Similarly, Robert Sternberg proposed intelligence has components: analytical, practical, and creative intelligence. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence is widely used as a measure to identify which course fits well.

Howard’s types of intelligence:

1. Visual-Spatial Intelligence

Visual and spatial judgment. This is evident in kids who have a strong interest and participation in visual arts.

Ideal college course: Architecture, Art and Designing, Engineers.

2. Linguistic-Verbal Intelligence

Words, language, and writing. They love to read, talk with people, and eager to watch foreign films and share inputs.

Ideal college course: Writers, Lawyer, Teacher.

3. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Analyzing problems and mathematical operations. They have good grades in math, quick thinkers, and does not easily crack under pressure.

Ideal college course: Scientists, Mathematician, Engineer, Programmers, Accountants.

4. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Physical movement and motor control. Very good with hand, head, and body coordination. They love to perform on stage, confident and participate in art or theater clubs.

Ideal college course: Dancer, Builder, Sculptor, Actor.

5. Musical Intelligence

Rhythm and music. These are kids that, even at age four, demonstrates the ability to play music. However, young people generally love music or have a good voice, and can play an instrument. It may just be an interest, not build to a career.

Ideal college course: Musician, Composer, Singer.

6. Interpersonal Intelligence

Understanding and relating to other people. They are usually comfortable with strangers and the first child you think of when it comes to helping others. They’re also good at listening.

Ideal college course: Psychologist, Philosopher, Politician.

7. Intrapersonal Intelligence

Introspection and self-reflection. While they’re often quiet and composed, they are not necessarily introverts. They are voracious readers, highly opinionated but also listeners.

Ideal college course: Philosopher, Writer, Social Theorist, Scientist.

8. Naturalistic Intelligence

Finding patterns and relationships to nature. They enjoy nature and generally are easy with people, although reserved. They have a natural interest in Biology and Science subjects.

Ideal college course: Biologist, Conservationist, Farmer.

Does intelligence come from mother?


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