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What’s wrong with Twerking?

Twerking elicits sexual thought and excitement among young minds. The dance movement has broken the lines of decency in the art of dancing.

What is twerking?

Twerking is a dance sequence performed by thrusting the hip forward and backward in a high or low squat. The dance movement places heavy emphasis on the butt cheek, the reason women often perform it.

Twerking may have been inspired by “the twist,” its decent version, which was a dance craze in the ’60s. It came out of the “hip hop” bounce music scene of the black community in New Orleans in the late 1980s.

Miley Cyrus performs at VMA on what looked like a “soft-porn” over-the-top twerking.

Why is twerking entirely sexual?

Most black women have huge voluptuous hips that are enticing for men to look at. Twerking involves bending over, protruding the butt, or “booty clapping and poppin” combined with the “bounce dance.”

In truth, it mimics sexual intercourse called “Prison Guard Sex Position.” The reason emphasis is on the buttocks. When Miley Cyrus made it famous in 2013, she stuck out her tongue, which is another sexual innuendo.

From the “Dirty South”

In the 1990s, twerking was popular in black party culture throughout the hip-hop and rap region known as “The Dirty South.” This type of music is sex-obsessed, and cussing was part of its lyrics.

Miley Cyrus breaks the internet by twerking

In 2013, twerking was the top “What is…” Google search after former Disney idol Miley Cyrus did an over-the-top twerking. She also stuck out her tongue like a snake as she twerked. Celebrity parents were shocked at what looked like a soft-porn act.

Jennifer Lopez twerks in live young audience

Recently, J Lo and Shakira’s half-time act performance looked like strippers in a club. She danced on a pole, gyrated, and of course, twerked like hell! Young kids were watching, including her daughter.

Netflix’s Cuties “twerking”

Recently, Netflix faced flak for streaming a “gay Jesus” and was again criticized for allowing the “Cuties” series to stream. Netflix Cuties exposes polygamy in a fundamentalist Muslim family, but it also hypersexualizes tweens.

Bizaare video shows transgender teaching kids to twerk

In England, a transgender person in the Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) demonstrated “twerking” to young children. The woke, ignorant parents, think it’s funny, but in reality, they are exposing their innocent kids to a new demonic sexual norm.

Twerking is not cute and entertaining

In 2019, a Drag Queen in a children’s event at King County Library in Washington State twerked and “strips” some of his clothes before dancing in front of an audience with kids.

Having a lewd adult show is typically reserved in adult strip clubs. Liberals and woke parents find this twerking cute, progressive, and age-appropriate for their children.

Twerking and sticking out your tongue goes together

Teaching kids twerking is essential to the (gay) story, says a drag queen. He also said that the kids should “stick out your tongue” as they twerk up and down.

In 2020, Cardi B came out with the song WAP, where she twerked and stuck out her tongue. The video includes snakes—which are all demonic symbolism. In the Bible, sticking out your tongue was a practice among witches and prostitutes. (Isaiah 57:4)

For the transgender performer, Twerking is important to the [gay] story



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