Christians to Atheists: The Gungor Trend

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From Christians to unbelievers: The Gungor Trend That’s Sweeping Churches

Lisa and Michael Gungor did the right things. They avoided sex before marriage, no booze, no drugs, no cussing. They were prayerful and read the Bible. Michael was a son of a Pastor and Lisa a leader in a mega-church. They were talented recording artists with a Dove Award-nominated song and a couple of tours. In 2006, the Gungors parted ways with Integrity Music because they no longer want to be associated with gospel music.

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They have decided to unfollow Jesus, no turning back

Lisa went to Auschwitz and visited the Nazi concentration camps. She couldn’t believe the horrendous suffering of God’s chosen people. She questioned His love, power, authority. Later, she found it difficult to pray to ‘a God’ who allowed so much pain and suffering.

Her cousin had cancer and was declared healed after so many prayers. Everyone ‘Praised God.’ Later, she was told it was only partial healing. “I lost my mind,” Lisa said. Her years of silent questions erupted. Lisa ranted, ‘I don’t believe any of this!” The final blow was in 2014. The Gungors welcomed their second daughter, this time with down syndrome. The Gungor couple could no longer see God in their family equation.

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The Gungor trend that’s sweeping churches

The Gungors labels Christianity as “conservative and militant” and they formed their own home-church devoid of scriptures and the Judeo-Christian God. There is also Jen who used to love Jesus and faithfully supported missions. She loves to party and Christianity has become a bad fit. Jen called things about Jesus “trash,” while Lisa referred to her frustration as “garbage,” that religion is a “very conservative fundamental bubble.”

There are millions of silent Christian atheists. On the outside, they do the Christian things, but inside, they are full of doubts and hate.

Michael, Lisa, and Jen’s worldview is in the now

Why is this happening?

The Bible warns us that Satan is the prince of this sinful world. There is a vast army of devils that seeks to destroy Christians (1 Peter 5:8). For thousands of years, Satan has been plotting and infiltrating churches, politics, organizations, companies, schools, and even Christian music.

The leftist’s ideology is Lucifer’s turf and he lures everyone to entertain liberal thoughts. He uses this thinking to deceive even the elect (1 Timothy 4:1), culminating to the rise of the anti-Christ. Lucifer was greatly used in leading the worship of God. As a fallen angel, he wants to corrupt music, evident in the music of Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Billie Eilish, among others.

Bad things happen to good people

The Gungors are one of many who couldn’t accept that God, at this point, does not always violate natural laws to intervene in man’s daily affairs. They are trapped in life’s troubles and reject God’s future promises that outweigh present suffering (John 12:48; Philippians 4:8; 2 Corinthians 4:17-18). Life can be tragic, depending on where you are focusing. No wonder John 3:16 puts it plainly – if you believe.

This is not Mayberry farm, it is not Eden, that time will come

Check your worldview: Some preachers make religion attractive with the promise and “claim” that life will be prosperous and happy. To be called a child of God means your faith will be tested (1 Peter 1:7 ). The Lord disciplines His child (1 Peter 1:7). If your worldview is on earth, you will lose faith. This is not Mayberry farm, it is not Eden, that time will come (2 Peter 3:9).

Right now, we’re in an invisible war and it’s going towards rapture and tribulation. However, if you choose to believe, God did promise new earth together with His children (Isaiah 65:17). But the second judgment and Satan’s destruction must first take place. (Matthew 3:12)

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What parents need to teach their kids

Less than 10 years before declaring himself to be an atheist, Michael Gungor said: “I think my specific place in the Body is to help people experience the presence of God in their lives.” Michael’s song lyrics also evolved. From singing “God is my father” to “God is not, not my father.” (Worshiping Evolutionist)

For Lisa Gungor, faith is transactional and left thinking it really was. Her twisted view of Christian life was “If I am good enough, if I pray enough, if I believe enough, then I get blessings, a baby, or a good life.” From an evangelist, they now encourage others not to be afraid to break free from the ‘bubble.’ The #GungorTrend is inevitable given the fulfillment of things to come.

The most important Bible lesson we can teach our children is our testimony. If we can carry forth God’s love to them, they will always remember that God is love.

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