Home Worldview Shocking! School teaches “self-stimulation” to kids?

Shocking! School teaches “self-stimulation” to kids?


‘All About Me’ school sex education program teaches self-sex?

The original news from Daily Mail UK said that “Children as young as six are being taught about touching or ‘stimulating’ their own genitals in the UK. The program is called ‘All About Me.’ This particular lesson is under the “Touching Myself” section. However, we could not verify if this program exists or if it’s being rolled out in schools.

More than 200 elementary primary schools in the United Kingdom introduced “self-stimulation” to young children, ages 6-10 years old. Teachers have to teach their students that they can touch their ‘private parts’ in the privacy of their bed or while taking a shower.

According to other news outlets, teachers are forced to give lessons on how to do this. For example, teachers may suggest that they can do it when they are alone in their bed or while taking a bath.

All About Me program is being rolled out across 241 primaries by Warwickshire County Council and could be adopted by other local authorities next year as part of the Government’s overhaul of Relationship and Sex Education (RSE).

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Sex and relationships teaching program called “All About Me” includes lessons on masturbation.

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  1. Hello! I have enjoyed reading your articles and I think you’re right about many things. However, I work in the UK in the secondary sector (have also worked in primary) and I can promise you that this 100% does not happen. Sex education is only about growing up, biological reproduction, consent and respecting your partner, and safe sex. That’s it. Nothing whatsoever about masturbation or the pleasure of sex. Please don’t post outright lies. That’s not Christian either.

    • Thank you for that information, we have edited the blog to reflect that various sources of the news may not be entirely true.


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