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The strongest prayer are those with lots of “Amen”

Parents with busy schedule often neglect to pray together as a family. Though we know its importance, prayer takes the back seat because other than the fact that we are busy, we do not fully understand its spiritual and divine implication. (Ephesians 6:18; Acts 1:14; Acts 4:31)

1. The early church did it

In Acts 2, the early church who they regarded as family, continually devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and prayer” (Acts 2:42). Scripture study or prayer was not optional; they are all part of their spiritual discipline.

The early church knew prayer was important because Jesus modeled it for them. He often prayed to His father.

What if you don’t have a family? Praying as a family doesn’t always mean your immediate relative, that is why having a church fellowship or small group is important. Your many prayers with many “amens” is heard because Jesus intercedes and prays for us (John 17:20-23).

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2. It allows others to “agree”

Christians should “pray as a group” (Matthew 18:20) and ask others to pray for you and your family (1 Timothy 2:1). The Biblical principle of praying with others is so that those with you can agree with what you are praying for (Matthew 18:19).

Thus the word “Amen” that means “so be it,” should not be taken lightly. The Apostles encouraged everyone to pray together in the early church. (Acts 12:11-12)

“Amen” that means “so be it,” should not be taken lightly

3. The enemy fears it

Demons are afraid when Christians pray, more so they have great difficulties in perpetuating evil plans when a group of Christian prays, according to an ex-Satanist John Ramirez. (Matthew 18:20)

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4. Children develops a prayerful life

Just as Jesus modeled many things for us, we should also model prayer for our children. Prayer is also a habit, if they see you do it intentionally, they will likely carry out that habit as they go on their own.

The family that always prays together is an American family tradition that’s slowly being eroded by a fast-paced life. As the saying goes – “the family that prays together, stays together.”

prayer notebooks

Keep a prayer notebook
Keeping a small notebook of prayer will help you keep track of your petitions. We easily forget and writing them helps. It’s highly recommended to assign space in your home as your prayer closet.

The movie “War Room” is centered on Miss Clara’s closet, where she prayed and wrestled with God for favorable answers. Although the movie is fictional, the scenes were based on true to life experiences of different Christians.

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