The Snowman and Snowflakes

Lessons I learned from “The Snowman and the Snowflakes”

Howard Schwartz, professor of Oakland University, who studied the psychology underlying political correctness, points the destruction of social order because of the “Rise of the Pristine Self”.

The oversensitivity of individuals today stem from helicopter parents and a school education system who lead them to believe in a narcissistic world where everyone is entitled.

Battle of the worldview

What this all boils down to is a worldview, and the battle is real, not just between the extreme Liberal Left and Conservative Right, but between those who believe that the Bible should be the moral compass of a society.

Hollywood and some TV networks behave like they are God’s gift to humanity, but theirs is¬†mostly groupthink. They force an ideology that is not succinct with a Biblical worldview, hence the conflict. Those who disagree are ridiculed, yet they claim tolerance. Their philosophy is summed up in one word –¬†diversity.

What can parents do?

Christian parents should be equipped in handling worldview that kids bring home from school. The values and Biblical morals they learn from us should not be forced but appreciated as something intelligent and comprehensible. If you have doubts and questions, join a Bible Study group – it’s really that simple.

Proverbs 22:6
Teach your kids to submit to authority, to love one another, and to respect people, things, and place – that’s Civilization 101.


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