Scary Greta Thunberg prediction not good for children

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What kids need to learn about climate change and global warming

Greta Thunberg’s impressive but vaping “How dare you” speech made her the poster child of environmental activists. Praised by the international community, they say she should get a Nobel Prize for her bravery. However, her seduction for “climate scare” is creating a new kind of cult following and I’m teaching my kids what not to believe.

1. Climate change is real, but it’s natural

Weather has been weird. There’s constant flooding, forest fire, and frequent earthquakes, but there’s no evidence that carbon emission is the culprit says Atmospheric Physicist Richard Lindzen. There are natural causes and measurement used by most scientists are “flawed models.” Furthermore, most of what we know about climate change are from the “media bias” of CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, CNBC, Huffington Post, ABC, and MSNBC. You can’t even trust Google search.

Failed Predictions: Scientists since the 1970s has been predicting “climate apocalypse.” From the 1970s to 2004, scientists claim we’re entering a new Ice Age. When their predictions failed, other scientists began to claim Global Warming, beginning 1989 to present.

2. A New Religion that wants to control the world

Dr. Michael Brown, author of Jezebel’s War explains climate activists in a metaphor. This group regards “Mother Earth” as ‘god,’ some even confess to plants and it’s not a joke. Their high priests are radical environmentalists, while Greta is their patron saint. While it’s an allegory, like other cults, they deceive and control people.

Kids are perfect target: Satan is the deceiver of the world (Revelation 12:9). He hates us because we bear the image of God whom he claims equality with. He has infiltrated politics, schools, Hollywood, and the media. Observe the increasing cartoons that promote homosexuality, as well as in music where Satan no longer hides. Our kids should learn to discern which is real and fake news. The only way is to expose them to Biblical truths.

3. The world will end, but it’s a good thing

The book of Revelation warns of an Armaggedon, the end of days, the final war. It could be because of climate change, asteroid, or nuclear bombs. Man’s efforts to save earth won’t matter much. But the good news is rapture! Those who belong to Jesus will be saved and the “new earth” will be created for God’s people.

God never intended His children to live in this world where there’s hate, sadness, sickness, and death. He has provided Jesus to be our salvation and when the “end of days” comes, Jesus will protect those who belong to Him. If anything, Thunberg is scaring children. Her parents are allowing her to be used and be part of the greatest conspiracy of all time.

16-Years old Greta Thunberg is scaring children. Her parents are allowing her to be used and be part of one of the greatest conspiracy of all time.

Cloudy “climate change” conspiracy

Don’t just believe what “leftist media” tells you. Satan has infiltrated universities, primary schools, and science that you can hardly trust anyone. Climate change has a deeper Satanic agenda. As the plot thickens, they will connect natural events and catastrophes as “man-made, to gain control of the world.

The Climate Change Hoax
Satanic force” behind climate change activists.


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