Satan Luring Kids with Witchcraft, Obscenity in Music

Christianity declines in the U.S. at rapid pace—Witchcraft, obscenity in music out in the open

Christianity declines

Pew Research published in October 2019 indicates that just like rates of religious affiliation, rates of religious attendance are declining. However, the population of Protestants who are born again or evangelical Christians have grown.

Generation X
Conservative Republicans
Liberal Democrats


Witchcraft population doubles

Witch population doubles as millennials cast off Christianity Hoodwitch according to NY Post. For example, witcraft influencers in Instagram like @Hoodwitch and @light_witch have half a million followers. Quartz dubbed witchcraft as the perfect religion for liberal millennials

Sexual activity among teen

  • 42% of females teenagers 15-19 years old had sex.
  • By 18 years old, 55% of both males and females have had sex. [CDC]

Today, suicide, depression are common elements in music

Satan no longer hides in music. His sexual and depressive attics are present in the music of Billie Eilish. Other musicians like Ellie Goulding promote 666, Katy Perry, and Beyoncé pitch their videos with a lot of sexiness and allegedly Illuminati symbols.

They desensitized their followers into a “new sexual norm;” quiet obvious with moves like twerking singer Miley Cyrus made popular.

Witchcraft, Obscenity in Music

Recently, American pop artists Cardi B’s WAP hit song criticized for being “pornographic.” Apparently, it glorifies women as prostitutes, according to a podcast. “This is how music shapes the future of pop culture in America,” Dave Rubin said in the Blaze.

Madonna still leads the pack. JLo & Shakira didn’t outdo Madonna’s cultic and softcore porn faux acts. Her theatrics remains the hallmark of demonic allusions in music. Madonna’s adoration of the dark side goes beyond her sex brand.

In 1993, she asked fans to “go to hell” (with her) by chanting a song she wrote at the Girlie Show, Live Down Under Concert.

In 2019, BuzzFeed, known for its liberal and sexualized content published 17 musicians linked to witchcraft music.

Musicians who got high marks for “witchery” include FKA Twigs, Zola Jesus, Madonna, Siouxsie Sioux, First Aid Kit, Bjork, Bat for Lashes, PJ Harvey, Florence, Stevie Nicks, Lorde, Kate Bush, and Lana Del Rey.

Hollywood Producer, Director, and Actor, John Paul Rice posted on YouTube his shocking revelation about Hollywood and Satanic forces behind music

“You wouldn’t believe the level of Satanic crap… Satanic s–t that is going on in our music industry and in Hollywood too, but mostly in the music industry is so out there. Once you look at it, you see the occult symbols.

They use it everything—Baphomet is everywhere. Pentagram is all over the place and they sow it into the consciousness of these young kids through witcraft and all sorts of fun stuff and make it sound fun and its sexy.

Look at everfy pop star, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, where do they start?—Innocence. She came out with a music video last year where she had claws and teeth on her vagina. They promote diversity, tolerance all of these to confuse people.”

Check what your kids watch and listen

All these influences have most probably encouraged the spike in atheism. Our refusal to submit to God, hence we’d rather be atheists.

Satan targets young people through music while Hollywood, NetFlix, and TV desensitize young minds. For adults, Satan uses mainstream media.


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