Why I regret giving computer gadget to my kids

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I regret allowing my kids to own computer gadget at an early age

There are studies that indicate video games can be beneficial. However, it can also be also addictive. In fact, WHO considers video addiction as a mental disorder. Video addiction may also lead to neurocognitive development (NCBI). Some fell victim from “devil apps” while others developed an aggressive rebellious behavior (Psychology). People actually died because of too much gaming.

Reclaiming authority

My kid’s first gadget was Leap Pad, then it was quickly upgraded to a gaming device. I wanted them to embrace technology but it was too late when I realized that the timing was wrong. They became moody, irritable, and violent at some point. I thought I had it under control.

Grace period

Instead of grabbing their devices at once. I gave a grace period before actually confiscating it. There’s wisdom in delaying gratitude, in as much as delaying this specific type of consequence. As a result, they didn’t resent it as much. But this method doesn’t always work in other discipline methods.

Take ownership

The ball game changed when I repossessed the device. It worked because they now have to borrow it. This technique is nothing new. The principle is the same as a bank mortgage situation. If the client fails to meet the obligation, the bank can confiscate the property. However, this may not always work for a teenage brain. That’s is why early intervention is critical.

Viral videos of abusive kids

In July 2019, a boy in Taiwan was punished when his iPad was confiscated. He retaliated by posing to jump off their condominium, according to a certain Jasmine Teng. He appeared to be wanting to go back when he slipped and fell all the way. In another video, a student bullied his teacher who confiscated his iPhone. In China, a boy is seen kicking his mother because of the same reason.

It’s many times a spiritual battle

One of my children despised rules and begrudgingly did chores. Most alarming was the angst and refusal to join family devotions and prayer time. When I asked why do you think you have this attitude, the answer was “I don’t know Dad.” I didn’t know what else to do as well until God reminded me to “claim” my authority as the leader of the house and not give up.

Pray, pray. pray…

I prayed in the authority of Jesus and asked the Holy Spirit to speak to my children about their gadget habits. I saw a real change when I depended on God alone, not on what I know or what I can do to discipline them.

We face a spiritual battle daily. There is power in the name of Jesus and our prayers matters to God. Our love for our children will protect them, but ultimately, God alone can change a stubborn heart and it begins by sharing the Gospel of Jesus to them. (Jeremiah 24:7)

Experts say gadgets can interfere with the brain development of a child. While other studies say it’s a good brain exercise, rising video game addiction is alarming. But the real danger is from demonic influences it posses. Most of these video games promote murder. Gamers kill each other with chainsaw, beheading, or stabbing. Other games show porn.

Demonic video games your teen might be playing


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