I regret allowing my kids to own computer gadget

gadget struggle

Violent video games can shape the mind of teens

There are studies that indicate video game can be beneficial. However, depending on the computer game and length of playing, long periods may lead to neurocognitive development (NCBI). Worse is the death of several gamers across the world because of video screen addiction.

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The real danger

However, the real danger is from the demonic influences that these video games have. Consider some of these video games that promote killing someone with a chainsaw, beheading, or stabbing your enemy violently.R

The Battle is spiritual, but teens don’t know it

In 1971, the first Arcade Video Game was released. It progressed towards war and violence and by 1999, the Columbine massacre happened and parents blamed the video game Doom. Video games become more bloody and violent and kids are desensitized. They think devilish deviant art and Halloween are cool.

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My mistake as a parent

Allowing kids to embrace technology is a good thing, it’s their future. Unfortunately, like other parents, I made the mistake of allowing my children to own their own computer and play video games at a young age. I saw how moody, irritable, and at one time violent they became. It was too late when I discovered they’ve been playing violent games.

A form of addiction and idolatry

One of my children despised rules and begrudgingly did chores. Most alarming was the angst and refusal to join the regular family devotions and prayer time. When I asked why do you think you have this attitude, the answer was “I don’t know Dad.”  While it is not the same with everyone, it’s mostly boys who struggle with video addiction, but girls too can be addicted to gadgets.

The only thing to do

Weaning them out was difficult. The only thing I can do in the end was to pray that God through the Holy Spirit will allow them to see the vile effects of playing these video games. There is power in the name of Jesus and our prayers matters to God. Our love for our children will protect them, but ultimately, God alone can change a stubborn heart and it begins by sharing the Gospel of Jesus to them. (Jeremiah 24:7)

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