Cohabitation and polyamory are sins destroys nuclear family


Polyamory, cohabitation, polygamy, trouple and plural marriages are all sins in the Bible that destroy the nuclear family

Polyamory literary means “many love.” It’s a mix of consensus or “open sex” limited among multiple partners with mutual eros. They cohabitate where instead of having two exclusive people, polyamory has three or more partners.

Polyamory, pedophilia, and adultery (entanglement) are normalized sins. Like the LGBTQ community, polyamory has its pride flag, designed by Jim Evans in 1995. 

Polygamy and plural marriages in religious culture

Polyamory and cohabitation existed among pagans in ancient times. The reason God forbade the Jews (Chosen people) from associating themselves with their culture.

Jews and Christians are monogamists, and both bigamy and polygamy are sins in the Bible. However, there are cultures and religious groups like the Mormons who used to practice “plural marriages” until it became illegal.

Normalizing polygamy and cohabitation

The children of God through Jesus are expected to observe the sanctity of marriage by rejecting pagan practices. In 2020, HGTV introduced a polygamous relationship between three people in its show.

How polyamory, plural marriages, and cohabitation destroys the nuclear family

1. It undermines the sanctity of marriage

God calls both sins because it is not how He designed a family to flourish. Hence, polyamory and cohabitation are destroying the concept of a nuclear family.

2. It justifies hedonism, which is immoral

Polyamory is simply a justification for consensual sex. At the same time, cohabitation leaves an open door for infidelity.

Marriage is not just a piece of paper; it binds two people by law and before God. The reason there are witnesses is to make the couple accountable.

3. It ends up in a dysfunctional family

Polygamy remains illegal in a civilized culture. Even in atheist countries, children born from unmarried parents are labeled illegal because a child born outside social norms and legal boundaries has repercussions.

Infidelity is one reason for broken families. Although cohabitation before marriage seems to discourage eventual divorce (because the relationship has been tested), it had been associated with poorer marital outcomes for decades.” [IFS Studies]


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