Normalizing adultery by calling it entanglement


Hollywood: Adultery is just an entanglement and interaction

Men in Black star Will Smith and his wife Jada discussed their “open marriage” on TV. Will asked Jada what she was looking for with her “interaction” with singer August Alsina.

Jada Smith replied, “It has been so long since I felt good, and it was really a joy to help heal somebody.” In short, they’re normalizing an intimate relationship outside their marriage vows, and doing it from different angles that sounds justifiable.

Adultery, entanglement, trouple, polyamory, open relationships are all in the same spectrum of normalizing sin

The couple labeled it “interaction.” Liberal mainstream media calls it “entanglement” or “open marriage.” The Bible calls it adultery.

“Interaction” or “entanglement” is the latest woke vocabulary (politically correct way of saying adulterous relationship).

Jada and Will had an open relationship which meant it was OK for them to seek an intimate relationship outside their marriage.

A similar sin is the word “trouple” (polyamory), where three people have an inclusive and intimate relationship.

  • In 2020, House Hunter featured two women and a man having a “trouple,” signaling the normalization of Adultery in mainstream media and entertainment.
  • You can buy fashion accessories that promote Adultery on Etsy.
  • Some blogs help you with “How to Navigate Your First Throuple” or the do’s and don’ts of entanglements.
  • In 2021, there were at least 17 Hollywood celebrities in an “open relationship.”
  • Satan is proud and out in Hollywood.

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