Unacceptable, “Naked Adults” on Children’s TV Show in Denmark

Completely inappropriate, Danish children’s TV show “Ultra Strips Down” debunks the ‘perfect body’ myth using bare-naked adults

If you think Netflix’s Cuties is crazy unacceptable, a TV show for kids in Denmark is unbelievably inappropriate.

According to the Independent, “Ultra Strips Down” features a live studio audience of 11- to 13-year-olds watching a panel of adults completely disrobe and asking them questions about their bodies.

This is a children’s TV show in Denmark where adults pose naked. The objective is to promote body positivity. In this episode, five adult guests undress.

Not everything that sounds good and noble is beneficial

The show aims to debunk the myth of the “perfect body,” which is useful to a certain degree. Surely, they’ve seen their Dads shirtless, or perhaps their mom coming out of the shower semi-naked. It should be no big deal.

The problem, kids this age should be learning about positive character—not traumatize them with sex organs of adults.

Mainstream entertainment, music, and this are just some of Satan’s ways to desensitize society into a mindless world. All in the name of “equality, diversity, and tolerance.”

Satan’s ways to desensitize society into a mindless world.

This is how a left-liberal mindset condition a society, by desensitizing young minds.

Ultra Strips Down is an award-winning show

Western culture calls this “progressive.” Denmark is well-known for its progressive attitude towards children’s education. In 2014, Copenhagen Zoo allowed children to watch a euthanized giraffe being fed to a pack of lions.



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