Mother insist son James is transgender, dad barred because he disagrees

not transgender boy

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#SAVEJAMES: Mom accepts 6-Years old boy transgender and submits child to possible chemical treatment

Anne Georgulas enrolled her first-grade son James Damon Younger as a female and named him “Luna.” She insists that her son is transgender (and likely homosexual) citing a therapist diagnosis. However, dad believes otherwise and claims his son prefers boy’s clothes and violently refused to wear girl’s at his home.”

A court document revealed that the ex-wife also accused the father of child abuse in their divorce proceedings because he refused to pay for their child’s transgender-affirming and medical alterations therapy. The mom is seeking to remove the father’s parental rights. James’ uncle says he like basketball, but his mother encouraged James to dress up like a girl because he liked girly things.

Although the father is now barred from talking to his child about gender, the therapist’s notes indicate that James chose to identify as a girl when he was in sessions alone with his mother, but chose to identify as a boy when he was in sessions alone with his father.

Crazy worldview and tolerance runs deep

As crazy as it sounds, political tolerance, fluidity, and gender dysphoria are all part of a bigger agenda of the enemy. It ultimately wills to mock God’s original design, part of a strategic offense against God’s children.

save james
James Younger mom insist he is transgender.

Save James!

James’ next step is chemical castration at age eight. “The diagnosis is critical because labeling a child with gender dysphoria can trigger a series of physical and mental consequences, says Walt Heyer, a former transgender. (The Federalist)

Genetic link to homosexuality and transgenderism is debatable. There are non-practicing gay and transgender Christians who remain effeminate or continues to struggle with it. The issue, therefore, is not the physical or emotional change, but a spiritual transformation. As James grows up, he will know if he is a boy or a girl. However, to submit a child to hormone intervention is unfair and catastrophic.

What parents can do

The Bible doesn’t say how we should handle this situation but If your son or daughter has transgender or homosexual tendencies, conversion therapy doesn’t work (Boy Erased). But even if your child chooses a gay or transgender lifestyle, God’s love remains, and so should yours. Victory is possible through Jesus, but we need to believe in His promises and walk in it. Although Satan rules this world, when Jesus returns, all things will be made new.

If your child chooses a gay or transgender lifestyle, God’s love remains

james damon younger
Save James!

Pray for James and his dad Jeffrey

Courts have enjoined Jeff from dressing James as a boy at school, from teaching him that he is a boy, and from sharing religious teachings on sexuality and gender. Outlaw Child Sex-Change Surgery in Texas by sharing this hashtag #SaveJames and this blog.


  1. I hope this sick woman loses all parental rights and James get to live with his dad. Meanwhile, we need to speak up about how this society is being taken over by LGBTQ lunatics. Something must be done. Personally, I decided not to make friends or even be polite to LGBTQ people. I see them as my enemy and as the enemy of all humanity.

    • Jesus would never have said something so ignorant or hateful. God’s kingdom has no place for your disrespect towards our LGBTQ brothers and sisters.

    • I agreed with you up until the point when you said that you won’t be friends or be polite to LGBTQ people.
      God works through his people…that’s us! The LGBTQ people are VERY lost and broken. If you want to do something to help society then you have to respectfully engage with them.
      You need to ask them how they got there and listen to their story. Most the time I find that these people have been abused or hurt in the past and they thought if they change their sexuality or gender identity it would remove them from their damaging past, insecurities, and pain.
      DON’T agree with them. DON’T accept their lifestyle. Respectfully and calmly explain them the truth. Be the salt. They are surrounded by toxic people, but if you stand out in a good way then they might just start listening to you.


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