Pediatrician wants transgender therapy for 6-years old James Younger


  1. I hope this sick woman loses all parental rights and James get to live with his dad. Meanwhile, we need to speak up about how this society is being taken over by LGBTQ lunatics. Something must be done. Personally, I decided not to make friends or even be polite to LGBTQ people. I see them as my enemy and as the enemy of all humanity.

    • Jesus would never have said something so ignorant or hateful. God’s kingdom has no place for your disrespect towards our LGBTQ brothers and sisters.

      • Unless a person repents, turns away from their sins/denying themselves, picks up their cross and follows Jesus, putting their faith/trust in Him/His completed work on the cross, they are not children of God/brothers or sisters in Christ. A person who refuses to admit their guilt, and refuses to allow the Holy Spirit to change their desires and actions cannot follow Jesus in faith/truth. “Practicing” homosexuals and bisexuals are not brothers or sisters in Christ. Those who agree with God, that LGBT Lifestyles are sin, and who turn away from them while turning TO Jesus are brothers and sisters in Christ.

        Matthew 16:24
        Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.

    • I agreed with you up until the point when you said that you won’t be friends or be polite to LGBTQ people.
      God works through his people…that’s us! The LGBTQ people are VERY lost and broken. If you want to do something to help society then you have to respectfully engage with them.
      You need to ask them how they got there and listen to their story. Most the time I find that these people have been abused or hurt in the past and they thought if they change their sexuality or gender identity it would remove them from their damaging past, insecurities, and pain.
      DON’T agree with them. DON’T accept their lifestyle. Respectfully and calmly explain them the truth. Be the salt. They are surrounded by toxic people, but if you stand out in a good way then they might just start listening to you.

  2. THis father is a con, has lived his whole life on cons.this anti-trans thing is just the latest con and he is exploiting his child to get anti-trans people to donate, and he is living off off donations because his narcissism and lack of actual education above high school makes it hard for him to keep a job that he obtains by lying on resumes.

  3. Wait a minute, “She insists that her son is transgender (and likely homosexual) citing a therapist diagnosis.” So, the mother must be homophobic since she may deny the boy’s right to be gay. Everyone must be accepted as they were intended!

    • AND one of the reasons that he’s transgender is because the toy that he picked out at McDonalds? o.O really? Was the toy one of the female leads in the fantasy? Instead of seeing that as her child can see that girls can be hero’s, too… she decided that he’s transgender (why pick that word “transgender”?).
      What kind of pediatrician is her mentality? Does she look for “gender” in all of her patients or just her son :'(

  4. When a “mother” tries to force her son to be brutally mutilated by taking away any possibility of him ever having a normal life, she is not fit to raise that child. Sadly her hatred for her husband is being taken out on her son – just to hurt the husband in the cruellest way she can. It appears that she is determined to totally destroy her child’s life. This is the result of believing a lie.

  5. Might wanna do a little research, maybe read those court documents Younger posted. The father is a lying dirtbag. This was proven in court. The man lied about everything before he married ann, his job, his education, his finances, his military career, even his sexuality (said he was gay at one point, a strange story heard about 3 versions of it.) Once he was served with divorce papers he tried to steal a truck by forging his wife’s name on the deed transfer.
    If you had read the court documents, you would know that Jeff is lying about “James” refusing to wear girl clothes at his house. He was asked point-blank if he had girls’ clothes at his house and he said “No, we don’t allow that. She, i mean he, is too young.” So “James” Can’t choose to wear boys clothes, its the only choice there. Im sure this comment will be ignored/deleted but if you would like the whole story check these links out.


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