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Millenial Warns Parents of “W.A.P.” in Cardi B and Harry Styles Music


Vlogger exposes the danger of a new trend “WAP,” associated with the songs of Cardi B and Harry Styles

YouTube vlogger JOEYDRAMATV spills what’s on his mind. As a millennial, Joey sees a decaying American society. In today’s music, Satan no longer hides. Music is changing the mindset of many young people, and he is warning parents to tell kids not to listen to this kind of music. Unfortunately, Joey’s YouTube channel was recently deactivated.

Cardi B’s WAP song about disrespecting women

The WAP music video is filled with satanic symbols, sticking out the tongue, twerking, and snakes. It’s heavily loaded with sex and cussing. This is why parents should warn their kids not to listen to Cardi B.

Young girls singing Harry Style’s Watermelon song, think it’s cool, cute, and harmless

Many young girls love to sing Harry Style’s “Watermelon Sugar” song, according to Joey. Underneath what seems harmless, Watermelon is about a man doing oral sex on a woman. In short, even the Watermelon has been sexualized.

Watermelon lyrics seem cute and harmless

Harry Styles sings, “Taste like strawberries on a summer evening,” as he rubs a watermelon. Harry continues to sing, “I want more… it’s so wonderful and warm.”

The urban slang “watermelon pussy” is an allusion to the vagina; the reason “watermelon” is usually played around sex with a woman.

The video also shows several women in ecstasy,” as they touch a watermelon in between their thighs. This, after Harry, “eats” the Watermelon. Interestingly, Styles dedicates the video to “touching.”

Harry himself admits its meaning is also sexual in nature

During Harry’s “Love on Tour” concert, he said that Watermelon Sugar is (also) about the female orgasm. The young audience cheered and giggled.

Singer Harry Style through his clothes promotes gender-fluidity.


  1. Have you even listened to these songs? I am not very religious , so I can’t really relate to anything you’re saying. But it’s actually just called W.A.P. and the Harry Styles song “Watermellon Sugar” might have something to do with sex, but it could also just be a catchy song about summer. No one really knows. I respect your opinions, but you should do a fact check before posting this stuff.


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