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Michael Murray’s ‘Nobody Left Out,’ Best Devotional for Teens


Why Michael Murray’s ‘Nobody Left Out’ is the best devotional book, especially for teenagers

The book ‘Nobody Left Out‘ is a 40-day devotional that relates eight encounters, Jesus, with messy, broken people. The stories include the following:

  • Jesus Meets The Lonely Thief
  • Jesus Meets The Know-It-All
  • Jesus Meets The Unwelcome Dinner Guest
  • Jesus Meets The Woman Who Was Exploited
  • Jesus Meets The Sick Woman & The Dead Girl
  • Jesus Meets The Blind Man With Perfect Vision
  • Jesus Sees The Invisible Widow
  • Jesus Meets The Honest Criminal

Michael Murray is an inspiration

Michael was born with cerebral palsy, and day-to-day life can be challenging. But he and his family look at it as a gift.

His condition allowed him a unique perspective on God’s grace and mercy. He knows he matters to God and believes every single person does too.

Every single person matters to Jesus.

6-Reasons why the devotional book is great for teens

1. The devotional will help children be more appreciative

Unfortunately, having a privileged life has its downturns. One of the problems I had to deal with my kids was having a consistent attitude of thankfulness—next to loving God.

The book encourages us to appreciate what we have or do not have. More importantly, Jesus’ example of genuine compassion and humility is both humbling and awe-inspiring.

2. The devotional is written for all ages, young or old

Personally, the book speaks volumes about what a “child-like faith” really is and how important that is for us adults.

The blueprint of the love and miracles of Jesus in the book is inspiring for both parents and their children.

3. Biblical truths, written by someone who knows what being messy means

The book’s stories provide both inspirations into knowing God’s love and looking at the lives of “messy people” in Biblical times.

Michael knows best what that means.

4. A new perspective of who Jesus is in the lives of messy people

Kids and adults can relate to these stories today and experience how blessed they are with what they have.

The devotional also inspires faith, knowing that the God we serve is unchanging.

5. It will also help kids who are insecure or bullied

Depression and suicide dangerously increasing in the last decade, and Psychologists do not know the cause. As a Christian parent, the reasons are obvious.

Deep insecurity, lack of confidence, and even ungratefulness take their toll on children. The book will help them see Jesus through Michael Murray’s lens.

6. It’s short and uncomplicated

If there’s anything a teenager would not want is reading rocket science. You can charge them to read it once a week and use it as a family weekend devotional.

They can even take the book piecemeal.

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Jesus meets the messes indeed!

Remember, our kids are exposed to “dangerous influencers” on social media. They tread on our child’s weakness and insecurity. Only Jesus completes us, and God’s love is big enough for everyone.

An Amazon best-seller: Get the paperback version here.



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