LGBT Curriculum author, “Best Teacher” in UK?

Birmingham UK school teach young students “No Outsiders” LGBT curriculum

No Outsiders” is a primary education program about family diversity. Andrew Moffat, deputy headteacher of Parkfield Community School in Birmingham UK introduced the lesson. It tells stories to kids as young as four years old about having two mothers and dads. Moffat, with the support of the school district, wants to “educate” young people about accepting same-sex families.

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However, to most parents in the school, it’s teaching kids “homosexuality” as an acceptable lifestyle lest a drag queen teaching in schools. As a result, more than 600 parents kept their kids at home. About 80% of kids didn’t show up in their class forcing the school to postpone the curriculum. The school modified the course in September 2019.

While their intent is to “challenge homophobia” and promote a “distorted form” of equality and diversity, they are also telling kids it’s OK to have a homosexual lifestyle. Ultimately, the issue stems from a kind of worldview that the Bible foretold towards the last days.

In this day and age of extreme political tolerance, Christian parents must prepare for the Spirit of Jezebel infiltrating schools, churches, the media. Satan wants to promote a liberal ideology that aims to destroy a conservative society, ultimately mocking God’s design.

→ The SOGIE Bill threat against Christian values.

Andrew Moffat, author of the gay curriculum is a finalist for Global Teacher Prize 2019

Destructive ideology against family

The UK, the USA and the rest of the “western countries” have succumbed to an atheistic “destructive ideology.” Their people rejoice over sexual freedom and frown at the Bible that warns of the coming destruction. Even if they twist God’s original intention of equality and diversity, we must mourn at the destiny that awaits those who mock God and refuses to accept man’s deliverance through Jesus. (2 Peter 3:1-13).

The LGBTQ attack against biological sex and masculinity is an attack on the Bible. We must always pray for our kids and train them to be strong in faith.

Proverbs 14:12
“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end leads to destruction.



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