Jordan Peterson, Why Trans Pronouns is Wrong

Jordan Peterson and Leftist Professor Clash Over Compelled Use of Alternate Gender Pronouns

In 2016, professors Jordan Peterson and A.W. Peet debated the legality, practicality, and necessity of using alternate pronouns. Peet was visibly infuriated over Peterson’s use of facts and psychology in saying that alternate pronouns are wrong.

Dr. Peterson refused the liberal left’s use of cancel culture to push conservatives in adopting ‘they’ or ‘ze’ and ‘zir’ as alternatives to ‘she’ or ‘he.’ Naturally, he received backlash from the “LGBTQ warrior” community.

1. Kindness is the excuse that social justice warriors use when they want to ‘exercise control’ over what other people think and say

During the debacle, transgender Professor Peet insisted that it was “unkind” for people to refuse to call them the gender pronoun they preferred. Hence, putting it into law is justice for the LGBTQ community, which has been discriminated against for a long.

Professor Peterson basically summed it as pernicious. He said, “I believe that this legislation is extraordinarily dangerous.” Peet insisted this is all about “kindness,” to which Jordan said, for example, that transgenderism is really about “fashion.”

In 2021, Joe Biden bolstered a comprehensive Equality Act that legitimized immorality, according to Dutch Sheets. Legalizing the use of alternative gender pronouns will be an LGBTQ milestone.

Transgenderism is really about fashion.

2. Restricts freedom of speech to satisfy 0.3% trans population

In the video, Peet was clearly incensed by Jordan’s straightforwardness, citing his clinical expertise on the matter. It all boiled down to freedom of speech.

Jordan’s point was that the LGBTQ warriors are forcing the matter for impractical reasons. He said to Peet, “If we’re bending back and forth are differences in values, the highest possible value is the truth.”

In short, the truth is the need for stringent protection for freedom of speech.

In the last few years, several videos surfaced where trans females can be seen shouting at clerks who referred to them as “he.”

It’s actually a form of bullying over people “accidentally” saying the wrong pronouns.

3. It’s all about power

The assumption that (LGBTQ) social justice warriors are motivated by kindness, in actuality, is clearly motivated by power. Something Peterson finds “completely untenable.”

My refusal to pronoun to use pronouns because left-wing activists want me to use them has nothing to do with whether or not trans people are having difficulties in society.”

The idea that referring to someone by the pronoun of their choice is going to radically improve their status in society or their mental health is a completely unproven assumption. I think it will have exactly the opposite effect,” he said.

Bottom line, kindness vs. truth

According to Professor Peterson, there are many situations where kindness in the immediate present is not the appropriate way to react.

For example, when you discipline children, you often hurt their feelings in the short term to learn to behave properly in the medium to long term so that their lives go well.

LGBTQ Warriors is clearly motivated by power.

Jordan Peterson claims that masculinity is under attack and that liberal professors are teaching Marxist ideology. He poses the dangers of left ideology, and to fight it promotes personal responsibility.

Irreversible damage of a new gender ideology.


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