iPhone, Facebook admitted disturbing side effects of gadgets and social media

Social media side effect can lead to a fake life

Major Apple investors (makers of iPhone) are saying themselves that iPhone is toxic to kids. The investors are worried about the number of time kids are spending on their phone. Rival Android is not absolved in this new trend of “Digital Addiction.” Kirk Cameron, a Hollywood celebrity relates what he found out from former Facebook executives. In his Facebook live video, Kirk relates how technology is affecting teens.

iPhone is toxic to kids

Facebook & Instagram
Former president of Facebook, along with another executive, expressed how “very guilty they feel”, with the social media platform they help create. Kirk expounded on these and said, “they (Facebook executives) knew what they were doing, which was to exploit a weakness in human psychology.”

“We all like an affirmation, we all love feedback from other people,” says Kirk. When we get affirmation through many likes on Facebook or Instagram, dopamine is released from the brain. Just like recreational drugs, it keeps you coming back for more.

The goal of these companies is for us to spend as much time and consume as much of our life on these social media platforms. This means more advertising and revenues for them.

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Side effects of these social platforms

Social media is good, friends reunite, we learn from other people, and its a great tool for spiritual revival. However, without parameters and discipline, the side effects can break relationships and even tragic.

False Affirmation: Rewiring the brain

These platforms have given birth to nasty apps that have cost the lives of teens through app challenges that promote suicide. A smartphone can also easily expose kids to pornography, which is difficult to overcome because of easy access on demand. Bottom line, there’s a scary side-effect to too much exposure in the use of gadget itself.

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The World Needs A Father

Teens with absentee fathers or toxic parents are most vulnerable because, at this age, affirmation is important. On Facebook or Instagram, they can recreate a false life and have tons of friends but in reality, they have none. Parents should spend time with children so they don’t seek false affirmation elsewhere.

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Connect, the movie

A documentary movie “Connect” was launched in 2018 by Cameron. It focused on children, parents, and families living in a society dominated by devices and social platforms. Cameron looks for answers and finds help, strength, and hope for parents and teens alike.

Kirk pleads, “if we don’t help our kids by preparing them for this world, who will?” Thankfully, we have Jesus who can save us from all these.

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