How I made my kids eat vegetables

Eating vegetables should be a serious matter for kids

People who don’t eat enough vegetables may experience digestive problems. Worse, they may eventually acquire colon cancer, diabetes, or depression. Unfortunately, the rate of kids who do not eat veggies is rising. About 90% of Americans don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, in stark contrast with most Asians who consider vegetables as an important daily meal.

The Bible encourages eating vegetables

Daniel didn’t want to defile himself by eating the king’s choice food. He asked instead for just vegetables and water. “Test us,” he said. After ten days, their appearance seemed better and they were fatter than all the youths who had been eating the king’s choice food. (Daniel 1:3-16)

Likewise, scripture also warns us of the dangers of eating pigs, crustaceans, and other animals that we now know have toxins, parasites, and other zoonotic diseases, such as the Coronavirus which incidentally was predicted in 1981.

Handling picky eaters

Like many other kids, mine doesn’t like eating veggies either. I wouldn’t say they look for it, but they do eat it when served, even if it’s raw. My wife isn’t a fan of veggies either but she loves fruits which I don’t. I suspect genes would explain it.

healthy portion
My kids aren’t a fan of veggies or fish so we do food plating at home. With our “no leftover” policy, they’re able to eat a healthy balance of meat, fish, and even raw vegetables.

Table discipline that encourages kids to eat fish and vegetables

1. Start with a tiny portion

As soon as your child can eat solid food, feed them a variety of beans and vegetables. Do not let a day pass without them eating a tiny piece of carrot or a piece of string beans that they have to finish. The key is eating vegetables, not stuffing them with it.

2. Don’t complicate the dish

Avoid putting MSG, salt or butter to make it tasty. In the USA, vegetables like carrots or leafy greens like spinach are served raw. The rest like broccoli, string beans, squash, or carrots are blanched with boiling water for a minute. It’s really tasty on its own.

3. Food plating works

Instead of vegetables on a serving dish, place a portion directly on their plate. We have a “clean plate” policy at home, which basically means no leftovers. This tradition worked so well that eating fish, veggies, and fruits are a normal part of their regular healthy diet.


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