How to handle two types of kids with bad attitude

How to handle two types of difficult kids with bad attitude

Kids who are “rude” and who “fight back” are the most challenging. The younger they are, the harder it is for them to control emotions. The problem, many parents use anger to discipline. It makes things even worse. 

We are like mirrors to our kids. When we shout, they will learn to shout. If we disrespect their individuality, they will ignore our discipline.

It’s parents who should first change

All my kids are picture-perfect! They’re straight A’s model students. At home, they read the Bible, ate vegetables, and do choirs.

But just like any other child, they’re never perfect. If they were, that makes me a “perfect parent,” and that was my problem—I wanted perfection. To unlearn perfection, I learned the following.

Fighting back

A “child bully” can be a result of a dysfunctional family or wrong modeling. Nonetheless, this character begins at home. Two things I have learned in dealing with it.

  1. Brain wise, “tweens” find it difficult to process and understand discipline and obedience. Deal with it when their brain waves have settled.
  2. When they fight back, it’s time for “unconditional love.” Give them respect even if they don’t deserve it—that’s modeling positive behavior. Don’t feed anger more anger. (John 15:12)

. Deal with it when their brain waves have settled.

Thinking Words: Instead of saying, “You don’t do that to me, I am your parent!” rebuke them in love. Say, “The words that come out of your mouth are hurtful; I cannot talk to your right now.” See more examples of thinking words.

Rude child

“Black sheep” in the family seems to be a proverbial truth, and I was one as a child. Even if I’ve disciplined all my kids in the same manner, one stood out to master “rudeness.” It was heartbreaking and pernicious. Three things I’ve learned:

  1. Since rude behavior violates our self-respect, we must prepare to be humble and zip it. The best way is to ignore and deal with it at a later time.
  2. Rude behavior is unacceptable, but only the parents can really help a child struggling with this. They need unconditional love. Remember, Jesus treated those who mocked Him with poise and respect, even if they did not deserve it.
  3. The best way to handle rude behavior is by modeling respect, even if the other person is disrespectful. Eventually, love always wins.

The best way to fight rude behavior is By modeling respect.

Thinking Words: Instead of saying, “You have no right to treat me like this,” say, “I will still treat you with respect because I love you.”

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