How to handle two types of kids with bad attitude

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How to handle two types of difficult kids with bad attitude

We can blame genes, peer influence, economic situation, or bad parenting when it comes to why kids have bad behavior, rude, or disrespectful. The Bible has two basic instruction on successful parenting; teach them the ways of God, lovingly (Ephesians 6:4) and to discipline them with a rod (Proverbs 13:24).

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It’s parents who should change first

Most of the time, the issue is really not the child, but our attitude as parents, that first need to change. Kids adapt according to how we handle them.

1. Fights back

If its “fighting back” handle it with more love

A person that exhibit bad behavior or a bully is usually a product of a dysfunctional family or in need of desperate attention. Imagine if you can give respect, even though the person does not deserve it? That’s love in action because it’s easy to like and love people who are good and peaceable (John 15:12).

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Reverse psychology still works and many times, children are not conscious of why they behave in a certain way. The younger they are, the harder it is for them to control their emotions.  Parents are the only ones who can give them more love and understanding. Don’t give up, ask God to change their hearts.

Thinking Words: Instead of saying “You don’t do that to me, I am your mother,” say “loving things” and do favors like preparing an extra-good meal that will help them appreciate how loving, patient, and caring you are.

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2. Rude

If it’s “bad attitude” fight it with respect

This type of behavior is difficult to manage because a rude person violates our self-respect. The easiest way is to ignore, but because of our own sinful pride, we often can’t let go of people who fight us with disrespect, especially if it’s our child who we have authority.

Jesus modeled how we are to treat those with a bad attitude. He treated the soldiers and religious leaders who mocked him with poise and respect, even if they did not deserve it. (Romans 12:10)

Thinking Words: Instead of saying “you have no right to treat me like this,” say “I will still treat you with respect because I love you”

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