Geneva feminist theologians says Bible is outdated

Geneva theologians reinterpret scriptures, publish feminist “A Women’s Bible”

womens bible geneva
Theology professors Elisabeth Parmentier and Lauriane Savoy in front of the reformation wall, Geneva Switzerland, insinuating the blessings of the the Protestant fathers.

Geneva feminist theologians say Bible is outdated and not relevant to today’s values

Women in the Bible needed an upgrade, says Lauriane Savoy, a theology professor who pushed for the Une Bible des Femmes (A Women’s Bible). Published in October 2018, the Bible reflects the value and importance of women.

“Feminist values and reading the Bible are not incompatible,” said Professor Savoy of the University of Geneva.

Redefining scriptures to satisfy a progressive view

The Holy Bible is criticized for suppressing women’s rights, ignoring slavery, and condemning same-sex acts.

After hundreds of years, the popularity of 21st-century neo-feminism prompted these theologians to reinterpret the Holy Bible.

Authors Parmentier and Savoy think it will benefit the “Me Too” movement. In truth, these “progressive Christians” are twisting God’s words.

Hollywood’s influence

Hollywood portrayed women in the Bible as slaves, prostitutes, and merely on the sidelines. However, the scriptures do show the love and respect of women. Jesus showed reverence to His mother while He defended women’s oppression.

How the Bible is twisted by others.

What scriptures really say about feminism

The old testament depicted high respect for these women of courage – Zipporah, Deborah, Manoah’s wife, Ruth, Hannah, Abagail, the wise woman of Tekoa & Abel-Bethmaach, Shunammite Woman, Queen Esther. [Rachel Lehner]

Why Google fired James Damore.

Christians should avoid Une bible des femmes

“We wanted to work in an ecumenical way,” said Parmentier, also a theologian working with Savoy. To begin with, there can never be “ecumenism” in God’s terms.

She also said, “We are fighting against a literal reading of the texts,” and this is where the danger lies. Ecumenism is one of Satan’s tools to dilute Biblical truth.

Red flags of abusive Pastors

Interestingly, none of the most learned Bible scholars were consulted. Saying Catholics had a say in it actually weakens their interpretation.

An egalitarian reinterpretation of sacred text

Standing behind the statues of Calvin and other Protestant founders at the University of Geneva, Savoy claims that the Bible we have today is “completely outdated with no relevance to today’s values of equality.”

Although the new bible version may present itself as holy, it is nothing but an egalitarian reinterpretation of sacred text.

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