Gay and Trans Cartoon Characters Surge

Cartoons with gay, bisexual, and transgender characters have surged in the last ten years.

Gay characters in movies have been around since the 1950s, but “gay toon” was taboo until 1967. The sexual revolution, neo-feminism, and gay rights were introduced during this period.

The surge of gay characters in kids’ cartoons

Japanese Prince Knight (Princess Sapphire) was a gender-bending manga character serialized in 1953. An anime version was introduced in 1967.

In the same decade, the Age of Aquarius in America reached its peak. Known as the “hippie age,” it is characterized by “mandated free sex,” lack of inhibition, especially in nudity, and open drug sessions. During this time, gay cartoon characters were being developed.

Between 1967 to 1999, 42 cartoons with gay, trans, and queer characters were introduced. This jumped to 300 gay cartoon characters from 2000 to 2019. [List of gay animations]

An LGBTQ milestone, a cartoon character introduced a gay lifestyle when Arthur married Mr. Ratburn in 2019. Soon, other cartoons began introducing more open characters.

A massive jump at the dawn of the internet

1967 to 1999 2000 – 2019
32 Years average 19 Years average
42 Gay characters 300 Gay characters
Median average – 2/year Median average – 15/year

A big year for gay cartoons

In 2021, President Biden’s Equality Act gave way for a bolder indoctrination of tolerance and diversity to children. Hence, more gay cartoon characters.

Gonzorella: Even the muppets are transitioning

The “Muppet Babies” reintroduced the beloved character Gonzo as a transgender princess. He dubbed himself “Gonzorella.” 

Blues Clues introduce Gay Pride Parade

“Blue’s Clues & You,” a Nick Jr. cartoon for young children, featured an LGBTQ pride parade with non-binary animals and a cartoon drag queen Nina West who introduced the gay alphabet.

Earlier, Nickelodeon reintroduced the ABC Song with Blue labels “P” as Pride in rainbow colors, referring to the LGBTQ pride flag.

Superboy comes out gay om 2021

In 2021, the man of steel, hero of other heroes and heroin, was introduced as a gay, bisexual character. DC Comics brought in Jay as the boyfriend of Super Boy Jonathan Kent, the son of Clark Kent.

Children today have more access to unfiltered entertainment

Apple launched the iPad in 2010, and it opened a huge vault of unfiltered entertainment. Today, kids are exposed to internet porn, LTGBQ entertainment, and gay social media influencers.

These all push a pernicious gender ideology that ultimately promotes sin as a convenient lifestyle.

Gay indoctrination: Kids react to a gay relationship.

The 3-Signs of “End of the World.”
Jackie Hill Perry, gay girl, good God.
Gender dysphoria craze endangering our daughters.


  1. Honestly get a life. Your ignorance is mind numbingly obvious. Are you LGBTQ+… no? Then you have no right to talk about the community. Who gave you the right to say who is living their life the right way and who is not. I feel bad for your children, and I hope they grow up and realize how you have brainwashed them. Honeslty get a life… boomer.🙄 thank you next.

  2. Hhahahahahhaha. being gay, this makes me chuckle so much. You spend more time thinking about two dudes having sex then I do. Think on that.

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    • Well said!
      Christians act like the only pleasure a man gets from anal is some sick enjoyment from being abused. I don’t think they realize there are pleasure nerves around the anus and that the prostate can be stimulated to the point of orgasm during anal penetration! So if God wants men to avoid m/m sexual contact, why did He make it sexually satisfying to be stimulated in a way that women are not equipped to satisfy?
      I asked my strictly Christian mother this question and she told me I’d have to wait until I got to heaven and ask God myself! Lol!


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