Neighbor adopts kids’ neighbor

Fox New’s Amazing Story of ‘Loving Thy Neighbor as Yourself

Audrey was a single mother who was busy making ends meet in order to raise her three children. She was always occupied and couldn’t really make friends with neighbors until her health forced her to.

She asked her neighbor Tisha if she can look after her kids for just one night so she can be tested the next morning. Tisha and her husband Kevin eagerly accepted to look after them for a night. What everyone did not know including Audrey herself is she was never really coming back.

Audrey asked her neighbor if she can look after her kids just for one night… she was never really coming back.

The tests came back with tragic results. Audrey had stage 2 esophageal stomach cancer and was given at least a year to live. She couldn’t bear losing her kids to the orphanage.

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She yells at us and makes us clean

Audrey has been staying in the hospital for a month now. During this time, the kids were under Tisha’s care. After 32 days, Audrey was able to return back to her home. However, her stay lasted only two weeks and she had to go back to the hospital because the cancer metastasized. Tisha took the kids back to her home.

At this point, Tisha asked Audrey what her long term plan was. She said “Tisha, my kids have never smiled so much, they have never been so happy, they tell me “mom she yells at us and makes us clean, she takes us to school and says I love you to have a good day, she makes us shower” I want to know if you will take my kids when I go?”

Tisha cried hard and said “yes.” She did not even bother to call her husband and felt confident he too will take the kids to their modest home.

Fox 5 Surprise Squad

It wasn’t easy for Tisha Beauchmin to managed their household of now, ten members. When ‘Las Vegas’ Fox 5 Surprise Squad, a group dedicated to “helping make the day a little brighter” learned of the story, the team arrived just before Christmas and did the unthinkable.

Together with the help of the community, the couple’s neighborhood defined what “loving thy neighbor” truly is.

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Who’s your neighbor?

Statistics estimate that nearly 35 percent of the U.S. population never speak to their neighbors, and only about 17 percent actually interact with their neighbors one to two times weekly. Tisha and Audrey were a similar reflection of these statistics. You never know whose life you can touch, just by saying “Hi” to them.

Watch full video of this tear-jerker story on loving thy neighbor

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