Equality Act targets Christians in the USA

Equality Act targets Christians in the USA

The strongest voice against same-sex marriage, transgenderism, puberty blockers are conservative Christians. Without these voices, there is no need to put “equality” into law. Hence Christians label it “Luciferian Ideology.”

Unfortunately, those who claim to be Christians—yet ridicule and abuse gay people, may have set this in motion.

The 2021 Equality Act, under President Biden’s watch, basically legitimizes immorality. More than ending women’s sports as we know it, or LGBTQ bullying a Christian baker, it is a direct assault on Christianity.

  1. Christians cannot refuse services, even if it goes against their conscience.
  2. Parents may lose rights over their kid’s gender reassignment.
  3. Parents who push their gay kids for “Christian counseling” akin to child abuse.
  4. Children are encouraged to seek ‘sex organ mutilation.’
  5. Christian adoption agencies were forced to accommodate gay couples adopting a child.
  6. Young children are forced to attend gay and sex education.
  7. It normalizes “gay sex” among younger people, where many are exposed to HIV.

Gender equality does not help: Only Jesus can transform a sinful person

About 80% to 95% of minors with gender dysphoria who do not transition either socially or medically come to accept their bodies. But the consequences of gender reassignment actually led to more suicide. It is narcissism that doesn’t work. [Heritage]

The issue is not gender dysphoria or gender confusion; gay feelings and struggles are real.

Is there a gay cure?

Choose God or choose sin

Men having sex with men and women with women is a sin in the Bible. Like adultery and pedophilia, left-liberal atheists call it natural and normal. Hence should be decriminalized.

The issue is not attaining equality but being transformed in Christ. We live in a fallen and sinful world, ruled by Satan. Only when Jesus returns can we be free from this sin.

God is not asking someone gay to be straight, but to live a holy life.

God is not asking someone gay to be straight but to live a holy life.


  1. Yeah no. Lesbian and proud of that. I think being straight is boring. It’s the same-old cheat and break people’s hearts. But if you date someone who understands how it really feels to be a girl, ya don’t have to worry bout it.:) I’d rather burn in hell than being forced to be someone I’m not.

  2. Found this very entertaining thank you for giving me a good laugh. You have converted me form being a demon child to be a good Christyler. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈


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