Emoji Project

A better visual aid to communicate with students and teens, and it’s for FREE!


The school proposed Emoji Project is a project of John15.Rocks School Club that aims to resolve the barrier when communicating, especially with teens, who are less responsive. The project is a simple visual aid that helps identify emotions using emoji characters.

The school or guidance counselor can help a student to resolve top issues of a child, especially those coming from a broken family:
1. Stress
2. Hidden Emotion
3. Trauma

List of emotionsRoot
Joy Peace ConfidenceTrust
FearTerror DepressionTrust
Sad Frustration HopelessHope
Disgust LoathContemptAcceptance
Anger Rage VengeanceForgiveness
Annoyance Hatred UnforgivenessAcceptance
Confused Denial AdamantHope
Pride InsecureUnforgivenessForgiveness
Shy Insecurity Trust IssueLove
Vengeance UnforgivenessEnvyLove

Is it effective?

The first barrier in helping a child resolve issue is resistance because of distrust. Using this technique is relevant to their age, non-threatening, disarming.


The scope is further limited to addressing trauma and ACE (Adverse childhood experience), but it can be cascaded in cooperation with faith-based organizations.


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