Home Worldview Ellie Goulding’s Illuminati-inspired video attracts billions of Zoomers

Ellie Goulding’s Illuminati-inspired video attracts billions of Zoomers


Ellie Goulding’s Satanic-inspired brand attracts millions of Instagram & YouTube followers

Satan no longer hides in music and singers like Ellie Goulding have embraced anti-Bible stance into their brand of music. For example, her song “Sixteen” may just be another MTV, but like many others like it, it promotes forms of corruption, bad habits, and in this one, lesbianism.

Several of Ellie’s videos use Illuminati symbols such as skulls, bones, snakes, the eye of Horis, and the mocking of Christ’s cross. In “Burn,” Goulding’s message seems to be uplifting but actually mocks heaven as if Satan is going to win in EOD (end of times).

She is clearly talented and each song is Spotify-worthy. Unfortunately, this type of music they call ‘art & expression‘ is simply Satanic in nature. Moreso, Goulding’s fashion that millions of her followers see is actually a “glorified personification” of Satan.

Ellie Goulding’s music is shaping young minds

Satan’s strategy is to desensitize each generation and eventually make them numb of devilish stuff – and it’s working. “Boomers” would call it bizarre, but with billions of views on Youtube, “Zoomers and Moomers” are spellbound.

Ellie also champions the LGBTQ cause and the influence of celebrities like her undermines the moral values Christians hold dear. Perhaps, we truly are near towards end times. Warn your kids!

Ellie Goulding: Breaking the satanic stereotype.



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