Demonic Immoral Songs Videos of Ellie Goulding


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Ellie Goulding’s style of music promotes Satanism. “Love me like you” seem tamed and innocent but actually promote the anti-Christ. Goulding’s make use of demonic symbols such as Skull and crossbones, serpents, the Eyes of Horis, and an upside down cross similar. These are all imagery of Satanism that in earlier generations would find bizarre. However, with 1 Billion views, “xooners” think its just fashion.

Likewise, Ellie’s “Anything can happen video” wore 666, glorifying the number of the beast, which she has wore on several occassions. “Burn” continues to number of the beast. It’s an apolcaplyic endo of days, in the video, people are ammassing torches and light. “Every man and woman is a star” each can relaize their own divinity, end of video ends logo in a triangle’s Ellie’s logo.

Her initial is 6666

Verse number of the beast…

Divergent movie highlights occult symbol vesica Pisces, conjoining 2 circle moon until it resebmles woman’s genitalia. Its used by wicca, satanists, practices sexual magic, related to eye of horus.

Logo of EG and vesica Pisces conjoining her initials to form vesica pisces

Ritual songs about worship of the devil in the woods

“it marks my skin cause I know I’ve sinned and it lagues the air, on myhouse looking… we move into the devil’s shoes, its far too late to be rescued… we see our fate, you (satan) hear our cries…

There’s a raging fire, and it burns so near. But Im ready now, the ritual we lose it all.

The objective is to be one with the demon and worship Satan.

Seducing music to tell you lies

Contrary to what Ellie sings, Jesus said.. people burn lake fire

Music teeling it’s too late, but satan is father of lie, it’s not to late if you turn to Christ. Satan wants to keep you from beleiving in salvation that God is offering anyone who turns away from sin and unto His son Jesus.

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