Disney’s Woke Equality Creating Racial Problems


Disney’s Woke Equality Promoting Racial Division Among Children

In 2009, Disney introduced the first black princess, Princess Tiana. The idea was to complete a set-up of inter-racial princesses that include European, Hispanic, Eastern, Polynesian, and Asian origins.

However, in 2019, Disney went full-throttle-woke. They reintroduced Princess Ariel, who’s traditionally white, as a black princess.

Blacks hit Disney for recreating Ariel as a “black princess.” Disney hit back at critics and defended their “woke decision” in the live-action remake of the classic cartoon, the Little Mermaid.

Who are the racists?

Ariel is a popular Disney princess in the Philippines. Tiana isn’t popular because Asians go for “whites.” In fact, Filipinos are high consumers of “skin whiteners.” Does that make Asians racists?

The truth is, the original author wrote the story based heavily on Danish lore and “white European culture.” In fact, Denmark has a statue of Ariel and celebrates her birthday.

While it’s an adaptation, technically, Disney is guilty of cultural appropriation, something that the left woke mob push.

A comment in a video criticizing the remake said he was being called “racist” for saying Ariel should remain white.

Disney’s woke ideology

There was no problem with having more “white princesses than black before.” With this woke ideology, “Disney is in a whole new world.”

What Disney should be doing to satisfy the blacks?

Instead of putting Ariel on the spot as “too white,” Disney should create more black princesses if they aim for equality.

However, they should also add more Asian and Middle Eastern princesses. In the end, wokeism is a ridiculous ideology.

It’s OK for America to be white

Predominantly white men founded the USA. A massive exodus from Europe brought money and experience in tilling its lands.

Shaping the country towards industrialization was possible by black slaves and hired workers from Asia. Unfortunately, America’s white ancestors abused, used, and discriminated against blacks.

Today, left-liberal insist racism continues, despite tremendous “black privileges.” Companies go woke to satisfy them.

Should Christians support Black Lives Matter?

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  1. At first, I was agreeing somewhat with this commentator, but then this article began to become very racist and incoherent. Using phrases such as “satisfy the blacks” and going on a completely anger base rant instead of a thoughtful article. The author mentions that the Philippines likes Ariel because they prefer “whites” and it’s not racist, but fails to mention that the Philippines has major colorism issues due to colonization from multiple countries. While the article makes good points such as Disney should create more black princesses and that the past is bad, etc. However, the underlying racist views of the author is what makes this article invalid. From saying “What can Disney do to satisfy the blacks?” acting as though black people are from a different planet and then randomly mentioning filipinos to prove that it’s not racist to prefer “whites” when the original article is supposed to be about why there shouldn’t be a black Ariel. I don’t know….it’s a weird article…


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