Difference of men women and why social engineering wont work says Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson gets the ire of feminists

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and professor who rose to sudden fame when he began recording his lectures on Youtube. His fascinating take on the scientific flaws of Bill C-16 and his refusal for political correctness earned him more than 1.3 million followers to date. In 2018, his new book “12 Rules for Life,” has caused much ire among feminist and gay activists. He claims that there is an ongoing “backlash against masculinity” where the “masculine spirit is under assault”.

Major differences of men and women

Using scientific data, Peterson said that cultural and biological differences are the two main reasons why men and women are different. “If you minimize the cultural, you maximize the biological differences,” he said in an interview. In a study to which Peterson co-authored, the conclusion was that clearly, the average personalities of men and women are systematically different. (NCBI Gender differences)

All thing considered, such as in socialization or in a subset of culture that potentially predict behavior, the difference will still be compelling.

Why occupational diversity
Will not work

In 2018, Google fired James Damore over his apparent sexist-misogynist memo. Like Peterson, Damore was citing biological differences between men and women, and he was blasted for it.

For Damore, there is credible evidence that there are biological mediated differences of men and women at the level of temperament and interest that are actually large and profound, to which Peterson agrees and says that science has sufficiently settled what James Damore said. (Youtube: Peterson Clips)

Peterson claims that there are reasons for differences in ‘participation rates’ in different occupations, that are inconsequent of socialization. Thus, any attempt a company (like Google) undertakes that promotes occupational diversity, will have little effect.

→ Geneva women theologians reinterpret scriptures, publish feminist bible

Biological interest vs Social Engineering

True at the extremes, on average, men are more interested in things and women in people. Which is the biggest psychological difference between sexes according to Peterson. Although men and women have similarities, all things considered, this ‘extreme’ makes a huge difference. For example, if you want to be an Engineer, you have to have a temperamental proclivity and extraordinary interest in things rather than people. Those with such proclivity are mostly men, from a biological and statistical sample.

If you want to become a nurse, you have to be much more interested in people. So the result is a difference in occupational choice, mostly due to biological differences though there are few exceptions. For Peterson, the contrast between sexes cannot be minimized or controlled by social engineering.

Culturally, the difference is also huge, particularly in more traditional and conservative countries, where culture and customs holds an important function in the societal hierarchy. Likewise in a Christian family, a ‘biological male’ father is tasked to lead, not the mother.

Iceland equal pay law

Case and point, Iceland’s equal pay law will fail claims Jordan. He strongly feels that there are valid differences among men and women and gender pay gap is not because of discrimination entirely.

He said that a company cannot hire 50/50 men and women engineers because women engineers are less qualified not because men are better, but because the pool of engineers among women is much lower. “You can’t hire 50% women engineer without producing a decrement in the quality of engineers, because the selection pool is too small.” Although this may probably work at a small company, it cannot on a large scale. Which is to say that eventually, the intent is mere tokenism.

Peterson further added that “there is no evidence whatsoever that diversity, as measured by racial or gender representation, has any bearing whatsoever on creativity, productivity, outcome. None of that research is credible.” (60 Minutes Australia)

Why Christians kids are the casualty

We live at a time when the blurring of sexes is a social norm. Feminists and gay rights activists shout for a neo-egalitarian society where their suppression and inequality is blamed on what they see as predominantly a tyrannical patriarch society. Although Peterson may not consider himself as a Christian, the Bible reflects patriarchy.

The war is ultimately against Christians

The Bible is against the practice, at the very least, of homosexuality while women leadership is minimal if not insignificant in several Bible stories. For the extreme right, the Holy Scripture is counterproductive and primitive. Ultimately, the war shifts against Christians, accused of being anti-egalitarian. Christians too need to educate themselves to be ready to defend Biblical truths with science.


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