These violent video games can rewire your teen’s brain

These violent video games can rewire your teen’s brain

Research shows that video games are beneficial for much older adults. On the other hand, another study reveals that playing Video Gameplay (VGP) for at least four hours daily may lead to neurocognitive development. (NCBI). However, the more serious danger is from the demonic influence these video games may have on those who are addicted to it.

In 1971, the first Arcade Video Game was released. It progressed towards war and violence and by 1999, the Columbine massacre happened and parents blamed the video game Doom. Video games become more bloody and violent and kids are desensitized. They think devilish deviant art and Halloween are cool.

Consider a few of these games; Resident Evil: Kill your enemy with a chainsaw. Wolfenstein: Beheading people can be fun if it’s your enemy. Manhunt: Use a handsaw on your enemy’s skull to make sure it’s dead. Saw: One of the ways to die is with a blade slicing a man’s body slowly. These gory video games clearly should be avoided. Others you may want to consider banning in your home are the following:

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Assassin’s Creed

assasins creed bad game

The player is an assassin, a killer with realistic graphics that are full of blood and gore. It features decapitation that seems all too real.

Call of Duty

call for duty violent game

Although adapted from real historical war, it is gory and ridden with blood. It is this type of real-war where many veterans committed suicide because they couldn’t handle the memory of it.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

castlevania bad game

It’s another blood and gore game that has sexual undertones. It is deeply demonic and very luring.

Dead Space 2

dead space violent game

It’s a horrific battle of the alien-infested world. While it seems to be your typical “alien invasion” game and think, killing these ugly creatures justifies the action, it remains heavily gore and murder yielding.


dead risingviolent game

A typical Zombie game, it is extremely gory with chainsaw massacre scenes. Highly graphic showing dismemberment of bodies. It’s just too much blood.


fortnite violent game

This game is perhaps the least game that should be called violent. After all, you play hero, a savior of the world. It’s much less gory and violent but nonetheless encourages anger, killing.


halo violent game

At least one son had killed his mother because of this game. Although it makes the player feel like a hero, its full of chilling scenes of blood and gore.

Kane and Lynch

kane lynch violent game

It makes being a psychopath appealing. It encourages too much violence against bad people, but as well as civilians. It encourages disrespect to authority and there’s so much bloodshed.

Mafia II

mafia violent game

Although its less gory than others, mob and gangster rule is justified as something cool. It makes illegal stuff like gambling, alcohol, and drugs seem cool. It has a lot of profanity.

Medal of Honor

medal of honor violent game

The player situated on in an extremely violent war zone. The game simulates real war experiences that would make any veteran chill. The gush of blood and profanity is enough to tell you it will never be age appropriate.

Mortal Kombat

mortal combat violent game

There’s a lot of character that seems to be cool. The player can take on different types of characters and that is where the demonic suggestion lies. The imagery is in plain sight demonic. It is also way too violent, gory, and a lot of blood.

Naughty Bear

naughty bear violent game

The name should not fool you. It is actually disturbing because it blends in an evil mental psychosis that plainly encourages murder. It’s actually frightening and can give you a nightmare.

New Vegas

new vegas violent game

It’s a role playing game with profanity, rudeness, and sexual conversation. The way they want to kill the enemy is very disturbing and violent.

Satan wants your kids

It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that these games desensitize the brain. The graphics are clearly demonic. John 10:10 puts it plain and simple: The devil wants to steal, kill, and destroy. But there is hope in Jesus, who alone can release us from bondage.

The only way to combat this is through early screen discipline and not allow kids below 14 years old to use gadgets or play video games. Parents should keep in mind this is ultimately a spiritual war and only Jesus has the power to transform hearts.

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  1. Hi
    Do you believe these graphic violent video games (some with nudity) are an open door for demons ? I do, but am interested in your opinion please.

    • Yes, especially games that are gory (full of blood). Consider several stories of “gamers” who became violent and went out to kill random people. The nature to do evil can only come from evil itself. When playing a violent video game becomes an addiction, it can turn into a demonic foothold.

  2. I agree I may be a preteen but I play and watch some gory fighting games and after a couple months I started to have these horrible thoughts that when I was younger I would not even imagine the things I think and plot can you tell me tips on how to stop these thoughts.

  3. You have no empirical evidence to substantiate these silly claims you assert. Please provide proof of “satan” affecting this kids’ mindsets. Thank you.


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