These violent video games can rewire your teen’s brain


  1. Hi
    Do you believe these graphic violent video games (some with nudity) are an open door for demons ? I do, but am interested in your opinion please.

    • Yes, especially games that are gory (full of blood). Consider several stories of “gamers” who became violent and went out to kill random people. The nature to do evil can only come from evil itself. When playing a violent video game becomes an addiction, it can turn into a demonic foothold.

  2. I agree I may be a preteen but I play and watch some gory fighting games and after a couple months I started to have these horrible thoughts that when I was younger I would not even imagine the things I think and plot can you tell me tips on how to stop these thoughts.

  3. You have no empirical evidence to substantiate these silly claims you assert. Please provide proof of “satan” affecting this kids’ mindsets. Thank you.


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