This Lunchboxes photo reminds us to never complain about our kids

Mom’s viral photo of lunchboxes on top of a marked grave reminds us to never complain about our children

In September 2015, grandparents of Kuya Daniel, 9, Harry 5, and Milly 2 fetched them from their usual weekend fun vacation at their granny’s house in Ontario, Canada. The kid’s mom Jennifer was waiting for a call from her dad to let her know if they’ve settled, but no one called.

When the phone rang, it was her friend who said to turn on the TV because of a terrible road accident. Jennifer shouted, “that’s my van!” When Jennifer and her husband arrived at the scene, her 65 years old father just died.

No amount of tears

Their eldest son Daniel made it to the hospital but died shortly. The kid’s grandmother and great-grandmother rushed to the hospital for serious injuries. Young Harry and Milly died after midnight, all because of drunk driving.

The driver of the other car was a billionaire’s son Marco Muzzo, who loved racing. That day, he drove twice the speed limit and was intoxicated. Despite his 10-years sentence, no amount of justice is enough.

Jennifer Neville-Lake can’t get over it; no parents can. “I don’t know who I am anymore,” she said. It’s easy to blame the driver, but she chose to focus on what others can learn from this tragedy.

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The Neville-Lake family in 2012, reunited in memory.

Why God?

They could’ve avoided the accident by a split-second delay, but there was no divine intervention. On another side of the world, Lorelei Go Pangcoga, mother of three boys Hisham, Rowden, Hasset, all died from cancer.

Christian missionaries Joyce Lin, a brilliant MIT engineer, died during the mission, and Nabeel Qureshi, who had a medical degree and two Master’s died abruptly. Even the young martyr, John Chau, and the rape of then 15-years old Joy Tan-Chi, equally doesn’t make any sense.

We may never know the reasons, but what we do know is that we live in borrowed times. Satan is out there waiting to devour someone and kill someone (John 10:10). Like the Biblical Job, who also lost all his children, we can only trust God for his divine purpose.

Revelation 2:14
He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away

Marco Muzzo granted parole

In April 2020, five years after the accident, the rich drunk driver Marco Muzzo who killed the Neville-Lake siblings and their grandfather was granted parole. Thousands of people took to social media their anger over the court decision.

Don’t be angry at your child; use thinking words.
What happens when die?


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