Increasing persecution amidst diversity, and political tolerance


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Ridiculous examples of political tolerance, diversity, fluidity by liberal ideology

People are easily heated when their political leaning are suppressed. Triggered Christians and unbelievers rant or rally on the street to demand constitutional rights. Satan loves it because political noise promotes hatred and dissension. He wants to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). Lucifer claims equality with God and he tells us that #wetoo should demand “equal rights.” He calls it freedom, diversity, fluidity, and political correctness.

This political pattern of the “Democratic Left” leads to Christian persecution. They pretend to support religious freedom by being tolerant of everything. The extreme left is offended by all things, except those that are really offensive, such as aborting and killing babies even at the moment of birth. Hollywood joins this leftist agenda, who are likewise aghast at anything related to the name of Jesus.

The rate of extreme political correctness have risen in 2018 and 2019 began with New York lawmaker’s appalling abortion law (2 Timothy 3).

Save James,  his mom wants him to be a transgender boy.

Examples of ridiculous extreme political correctness in the USA

Rights of chicken and eggs

2008, Chickens and eggs have rights. They are exploited and should have a chance to do things important to them, and it goes the same for pigs. (PETA)

Rights of choosing a bathroom

2015, Male can use a female bathroom and vice versa if they feel like it. This means that even if you are a male sex offender, you can pretend to be gay and use the girl’s bathroom. The law protects them in exercising their choice of a public bathroom, regardless of the gender. (Bathroom bill)

Rights of fat people

2015, Saying someone ‘fat’ is being “fatphobic” or “healthist,” should be a hate crime (FAM). Brands that promote “having a slim body is a beauty-standard,” is degrading to fat or overweight people (Protein World). Likewise, clothing brands that does not cater to plus sizes is “fat-shaming.” (Abercrombie & Fitch)

Rights of nursing mothers

2016, Describing breastfeeding as ‘natural’ is unethical because it reinforces gender roles (Pediatrics journal). While others campaign againts breastfeeding in public, it is now legal to breastfeed in public in all 50 US states.

Gender pronouns

2016, We should use fluid or non-binary pronouns like “they” or “theybies.” The Canadian bill, Bill C-16, if passed, will allow the prohibition and replacement of pronouns “he or she,” to “zie, zieself, zimself, or zirself.”

Gender classification should expand to transwomen, transbodies, transselves, or transmedia. LGTB should be LGTBQ, to actually mean “LGBTTTQQIAA” (OK2BEME).

→ Traditional masculinity under attack by gay feminists.

Martin Luther King quote should be removed

2016, Student leaders at the University of Oregon considered removing a famous Martin Luther King Jr. quote from a wall on its student center on the grounds that it was just not inclusive enough — because it talked only about racial discrimination and not discrimination based on stuff like gender identity. (National Review)

Santa should also be a black gay man

2017, Although homosexuals remains a minority in the US, their voices have become louder to push the ‘Gaying of America.’ They now target children. A storybook written by Daniel Kibblesmith, illustrated by A.P. Quach teaches children a homosexual version of Santa. (Fox News)

Junk “He: and “She” in UT

2017, University of Tennessee is urging incoming students and teachers to junk references to “he,” “she,” and “them,” in favor of gender-neutral “ze” and “xe.” The University wanted to ensure it is not singling out transgender or non-binary students. (Washington Examiner)

Theologian feminist rewrites Bible.

More persecution expected in the next years to come

Towards 2018, the persecution of Christian-based belief increased further. In the USA, the most popular criticism comes from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). They target companies and institutions who promote openly their references to a Judeo-Christian belief. Atheist University professors, deans, and students are also growing and openly attacking Christian principles in their campus.

Year to year examples of Christian persecution in the west.


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