Why homeschooling is worth it

Four reasons why homeschooling your kids is worth it

1. Homeschooling is discipleship

Children need intentional discipleship, and homeschooling is a perfect opportunity. Deuteronomy 6:7 might as well point to homeschooling. God says to repeat His ‘words” to our children, and the best way to do this is if we’re their classroom teachers during the formative years of ages 7 to 12.

→ Bible lessons that help children have high grades.

Deuteronomy 6:7
Talk about them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.

2. Creates a strong emotional bond to help them succeed in college

Emotional intelligence (I.Q. and E.Q.) is the ability to understand and channel emotions. It’s taking control of your feelings and circumnavigating stress or distractions. High EQ helps cope with stress and fair better in the workplace.

Although genes play a part in EQ, boys and girls who form a strong bond with their mother or father fair better in the following:

  • They’re better at social skills. (AJPH)
  • They want to strive to be successful adults. (Pediatrics)
  • Higher in test scores and school performance. (Brain picking)
  • Usually, they aim for higher levels of education. (NCBI)
  • Do better in Science and Math. (NCBI)
  • They are likely to eat their vegetables. (ESI)

→ What Greta Thunberg teaches kids is dangerous.

3. Shields them from rapidly growing demonic ideologies

One of my parenting failures was to give my kids smartphones before 12 years old. I wanted them to embrace technology, but it also exposed them to immorality. When my son was ten years old playing an online game, a porn ad just popped.

Satanic ideologies are found in kids’ cartoons. ‘Arthur’ promotes ‘same-sex marriage’ to toddlers. Likewise, many music videos promote Satanism and suicide. Mainstream media is educating a demonic leftist agenda.

Public schools teach atheist evolution, refuted by scientists and intellects.

Through homeschool, we can teach our kids the truth about Intellectual Design vs. Darwinism. We must educate our kids first before others do.

we must educate our kids first before others do

Schools teaching immorality is growing

Many institutions have taken out Biblical morals. For example, transgender (Drag Queen Story Hour) read books to kids about having gay families.

They promote the demonic ideology of equality and diversity in the guise of freedom of expression. Similarly, a school in the UK allegedly teach masturbation‘ to young students.

Recently, a father was outraged when his son’s school flyer. It promoted free dental, medical and vision services, but the other side said, “Free IUD, pills, condoms.”

Satan infiltrated universities. He introduced demonic left-liberal ideologies and demonic messages in almost every music, such as in Billie Eilish and Cardi B, evident.

children are being groomed to a hedonistic world

Gifts you should not give toddlers

4. It’s the best gift you can give a child

Recent statistics say homeschoolers are achievers. Although this is just one aspect of raising successful kids, it can be a daunting task.

Parents needs at least 4-hours in the morning, devoted to a classroom set-up at home. It can mean giving up a career or lifestyle, but it’s worth it!

Intelligence comes from mother is unproven.


  1. Wow you’re really offensive. You’re super homophobic. I only read these articles to see the crap you’re writing. You better be careful.


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