bully taekwondo

Why Ateneo’s Joaquin Montes a bully

The most hated bully in the Philippines Joaquin Montes dubbed as ''Bully Atenista' (Ateneo De Manila University moniker) made headlines after a video showing him bullying a schoolmate went...
neighbor adopts kids

Neighbor adopts kids’ neighbor

Fox New's Amazing Story of 'Loving Thy Neighbor as Yourself Audrey was a single mother who was busy making ends meet in order to raise her three children. She...
ben jordan

Two intellectuals expose absurdity of feminist lesbian-gay ideology

Peterson and Shapiro destroys the new feminist and anti-science gay philosophy Two men were bashed by feminist and gay militant activists because of their intellectual discourse on gender and sexuality. Their opinions received backlash and...

Increasing persecution amidst diversity, and political tolerance

Ridiculous examples of political tolerance, diversity, fluidity by liberal ideology People are easily heated when their political leaning are suppressed. Triggered Christians and unbelievers rant or rally on...
devil apps

Momo & Blue Whale Challenge: What media isn’t telling you

Momo and Blue Whale challenge are devil apps Blue Whale and Momo Challenge are mobile phone apps that end in suicide. Both apps are a 50-days challenge that...
gadget struggle

Why I regret giving computer gadget to my kids

I regret allowing my kids to own computer gadget at an early age There are studies that indicate video games can be beneficial. However, it can also be also...
bellyache noose

Why I tell my kids to avoid listening to Billie Eilish songs

Disturbing Billie Eilish song 'Bury a friend' To put it plainly, Billie Eilish songs are depressing. Her lyrics and video have dark elements, even mocking Christ. She is...
hashtag burke

How Mom and Dad can redefine Tarana Burke’s #MeToo at home

Tarana Burke on #MeToo - "It's unrecognisable" The 'Hashtag Me Too' began with Tarana Burke in 2006 and she said her intended campaign is now 'unrecognizable'. Her campaign was to fight sexual violence in her...
happy relationship

Happy friendship keeps brain healthy, Harvard study show

The secret of happiness revealed after 75 years Robert J. Waldinger, a psychiatrist, and Professor at Harvard Medical School shared in TED talk his findings on what the...
rise of witches

Witchcraft rises among Millennials, thanks to Hollywood movies

The US has more Millennial witches than Presbyterians Witchcraft and paganism have increased significantly among the US millennials, as Christianity declines. There are approximately 1.5 Million Americans who identify...

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