depression cause

The only cure for Anhedonia and it’s not drugs or therapy

What is anhedonia? Anhedonia is the diminished capacity to experience pleasure, first introduced by Théodule French philosopher Armand Ribot. Those who have it lose interest in hobbies, friends,...
words for kids

Don’t be angry at your child, use “Thinking Words”

Examples of thinking words instead of an angry shout to 12 years old below Dr. Charles Fay, author of Love and Logic teaches a method that works better...

How I made my kids eat vegetables

Eating vegetables should be a serious matter for kids People who don't eat enough vegetables may experience digestive problems. Worse, they may eventually acquire colon cancer, diabetes, or...

Dealing with a disrespectful child

Handling disrespectful and disobedient kids by choosing your battle It's easier to curb disrespect when kids are much younger. However, "scare-tactics" doesn't really work for teenagers. The more I...
graduate course

Which College Course is Right?

What college career course is right for my high school graduate? High school grade performance is a common predictor of what college career is best. Another way to find...
children save the world

What to teach your children about climate change

5-Facts you can teach your kids to understand why climate change is partly real and mostly political 1. Mankind won't end soon because of climate change
toddler gift

Gifts you should never give toddlers, kids below 12 years old

Gadgets & electronic devices kids below 12 years old should not own The World Health Organization says smartphones and gadgets are a health risk because of radiation among...
high grades

7 Bible lessons that help children have high grades at school

Important Biblical verses that shape school academic behavior The key to having good grades is hard work, but Biblical discipline and prayers have a lot to do with...
iphone addiction

iPhone, Facebook admitted disturbing side effects of gadgets and social media

Social media side effect can lead to a fake life Major Apple investors (makers of iPhone) are saying themselves that iPhone is toxic to kids. The investors are...
handling teenager

How to handle two types of kids with bad attitude

How to handle two types of difficult kids with bad attitude Kids who are "rude" and who "fight back" are the most challenging. The younger they are, the harder it...