bees prophecy

Insect population drops at 75%, scientists shocked and your children are at risk

75 percent decline of flying insect and bees, a sign of end times prophecy? An alarming decline in the insect population is trending. Published in the Journal Plos One, dozens of amateur entomologists across Germany...
toddler gift

Gifts you should never give toddlers, kids below 12 years old

Gadgets & electronic devices kids below 12 years old should not own The World Health Organization says smartphones and gadgets are a health risk because of radiation among...
demonic teen

These violent video games can rewire your teen’s brain

These violent video games can rewire your teen's brain Research shows that video games are beneficial for much older adults. On the other hand, another study reveals that...
iphone addiction

iPhone, Facebook admitted disturbing side effects of gadgets and social media

Social media side effect can lead to a fake life Major Apple investors (makers of iPhone) are saying themselves that iPhone is toxic to kids. The investors are...
words for kids

Don’t be angry at your child, use “Thinking Words”

Examples of thinking words instead of an angry shout to 12 years old below Dr. Charles Fay, author of Love and Logic teaches a method that works better...
children discipline

Three formulas for millennial parents to have obedient kids

What the Bible says about training a child to be obedient Millennial parents face a daunting task because of technology's pitfalls. Tech makes life easier but it may cause kids...
school award

7 Bible lessons that help children have high grades at school

Important Biblical lessons that shape kid's school academic behavior The key in having high grades at school is hard work and consistency, but without a good character, it's just an academic gain, not really an...

Do you have a disrespectful child?

Handling disrespectful and disobedient kids by choosing your battle The most common mistake a parent commit is confronting disrespectful kids in anger. I'm guilty of that! This scare-tactic...
emoji cards

Emoji Project

A better visual aid to communicate with students and teens, and it's for FREE! Background The school proposed Emoji Project is a project of...
computer addiction

What I’m doing to save my teenager son from video addiction

Important steps that can help teenagers overcome video addiction Douglas Gentile, a psychologist at Iowa State University, did a Harris poll survey on video addiction. Participants were mixed-race American teens (ages 8-18). Results showed 1...

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