Calvin Klein Pregnant Man Ad: Pushing the Gay Agenda in America

pregnant ad
A pregnant lesbian woman

Calvin Klein Pregnant Man Ad: Pushing the Gay Agenda in America

The Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage in 2015 was the fulfillment of the “gay agenda” in the United States. Since then, the LGBTQ community has promoted their culture beyond their closet and into schools through DQSH and churches through trans pastors.

The 2022 Calvin Klein ad of a pregnant (transgender) man named Roberto is actually a biological woman because he has a womb in place. The couple Erika and Roberto are from Brazil, where the gay culture is highly celebrated.

While there is nothing wrong with the ad in a “hedonistic and immoral world,” the message goes beyond men becoming pregnant.

In 2018, Chinese designer Xander Zhou had male models at a London fashion week with prosthetic pregnancy bellies. Male models flaunt their “pregnancy” as they model their way into the runway.

The shock values legitimize abomination before God

The issue of gender pronouns is so contentious right now that people are being forced to accept that there are more than two genders; and that to be a male or female is a preference, not a biological choice.

While the Calvin Klein ad is revolutionary, the “shock value” ultimately legitimizes immorality. A sinful act that is an abomination before God.

This new false belief is seducing teenagers into confusing them with their identity and promoting a form of equality that is demonic.

Do gays go to hell?

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