Why I tell my kids to avoid listening to Billie Eilish songs

bellyache noose

Disturbing Billie Eilish song ‘Bury a friend’

To put it plainly, the songs sung by Billie Eilish are depressing. The lyrics and music video have dark elements. She is extremely popular among teens with millions of followers on Spotify, Instagram, and one of the most-watched music videos on YouTube.

This sort of “dark imagery” began in the seventies, and fifty years later, the devil is in plain sight. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Ellie Goulding, and Miley Cyrus became wildly popular when they included witchcraft and lewd behavior.

Billie outdid them all by endorsing demonic elements in her music at 16 years old. Satan no longer hides, and kids think it’s cool.

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Satan no longer hides and kids think its cool

Shock value in music

The “shock value” in entertainment is no longer shocking. Psychologist Shoshana Dayanim studies the effects of media on kids. She said that when a young child sees satanic imagery, it sees it as a cartoon devil dressed for Halloween. Thus, continuous exposure can desensitize anyone.

A satanic foothold is in place, which may eventually lead to depressive thoughts and suicide, as the video suggests. The enemy also uses Mobile Apps, MSM, and movies to lure kids into a hopeless mindset and, if not, sexual immorality.

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My daughter fought for Billie!

When I was doing this blog, my tween cried because she thought I was mean to Billie Eilish by exposing what’s obvious. She ignored my warning and continued to listen to Bille’s songs. A few months after, she watches her new video, “All the good girls go to hell.” She runs to me saying profusely how much she “hates” Billie now.

She said, “Dad, you should watch her video, she’s evil, she’s demonic, she even mocked Jesus, I don’t like her anymore.” I told her, “remember, I told you so?” Then she said, “I’ll pray for Billie.”

She said, I’ll pray for Billie

What changed her mind?

I never impose what music my kids want to listen to, it’s their choice. All I did was to pray that in time, may God reveal to her what she needs to know, and God did. Satan is a deceiver and he uses music as a tool.

Satan no longer hides in music.

‘Bury a friend’

Step on the glass, staple your tongue.
Bury a friend, try to wake up.
Cannibal class, killing the sun.
Bury a friend, I wanna end me.

For the debt, I owe, gotta sell my soul.
‘Cause I can’t say no, no, I can’t say no.

The song’s meaning

‘Bury a friend’ is literally from the perspective of the monster under the bed. “If you put yourself in that mindset, what is this creature doing or feeling?” Billie said. “The whole album clicked in my head… I immediately knew what it was going to be about. What the visuals were going to be, and everything in terms of how I wanted it to be perceived“.

“It just clicked in my head”

The poetry behind the song is desperation, even suicide with the lyrics “I wanna end me.” The music video itself is depressing. Its message is simple: Life is hopeless. Furthermore, the song’s bridge “gotta sell my soul” is a devilish declaration. Like Ellie Goulding, she admits she “kind of get possessed by the devil” when performing.

Where did all these ideas come from? The Bible is clear, in the last days, many will follow deceitful spirits and the teachings of demons (1 Timothy 4:1).

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shock music
In 2017, Billie Eilish at 15 years old had 250,000 followers. The next year, it jumped to 6.3 Million. As of June 2020, her Instagram was moving towards a whopping 65 Million followers. This means her influence is a growing solid.


Everything I do
The way I wear my noose
Like a necklace

I lost my mind; I don’t mind
Where’s my mind

The song Bellyache’s message

This song in 2019 had 200 Million views. During the COVID-19 lockdown, it surged to nearly 400 Million views as of May 2020. Imagine the message it sends to its young audience. Music blog Idolator referred to Bellyache as a “sinister synth-anthem that positively seethes fury and frustration. You don’t have to go far to the lyrics.

‘You should see me in a crown’

You should see me in a crown
I’m gonna run this nothing town
Watch me make ’em bow
One by one by one

What Billie’s song suggests

This song was released in August 2018. By June 2020, almost 200 Million have watched the video. There’s no beating around the bush in the imagery of “crown with a cross,” where Satan, using Billie, mocks Christ.

He tells the world he’s going to win this battle. No wonder Jesus tells us to pray for His second coming. The fall of Satan is imminent when Christ returns (Revelation), and he is desperate and scared as hell. The question is, what happens to atheists when they die?

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billie eilish demonic
What kids may see as harmless is a depiction of hopelessness and mockery of Jesus. Pray for Billie that she may see the truth. (A video clip image from Billie Eilish’ When the Party’s Over and You Should See me in a Crown.)

Depression and suicide rates are up

Each year, almost 5,000 young people, ages 15 to 24, kill themselves. What surrounds your child affects their mindset. The enemy prowls to devour us (1 Peter 5:8) and kids are easy targets. (John 10:10)

My teenage son listened to her for a while. He said, “I liked her, she had that smile before but now, she looks depressing.” Contrary to songs of hopelessness, we have hope in Jesus.

Pray for Billie

Depression and suicide are clear elements in her brand of music. I sincerely hope that Billie and the rest of those who listen to her will not fall into deep deception. I too have teenage daughters and I want them to be surrounded by music that helps them look forward to life with joy and happiness.

Contrary to Billie Eilish’s songs
of hopelessness, we have hope in Jesus

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  1. I am not Christian, but I can clearly see there is something messed up about her, and I still can’t understand why is she that famous and brought on top that fast. Songs are below average, vocals are nowhere to impressive: why can’t we have more of Celin Dion, Adel, Whitney Huston…I am just comparing to female singers.

    • okay, lets start off with NOTHING IS WRONG WITH HER! all she is doing is writing songs, and if you dont like it dont listen to it. i am a huge fan of billie and see something like this i get a lil upset. so keep stuff to yourself so you dont get attacked in the comments. why CANT we have more singers like billie? because “your afraid your child is gonna commit suicide because of billie”? sometimes, its OKAY for your child to be sad. IT IS APART OF LIFE!!! and sometimes depressing music helps. and not all her songs are depressing. here are SOME that arent depressing: copycat, my boy, watch, bad guy and my strange addiction. so if you have a problem with her, dont listen to her. period. i love jesus. i cherish him. but listening to her music IS NOT a sin. and if it is, he died for our sins, so

      • Firstly, something is CLEARLY wrong with her!
        In the same logic you could say that all Hugh Hefner was doing was taking photos of ladies or Hitler was just trying to make a vast empire. You don’t need to read Playboys or follow Hitler but you are still going to be affected by them and their actions on the lives of those around you.
        And no, we don’t need to keep our views or opinions to ourselves, regardless of if you are a fan of her. You will just have to suck it up. Many people loved Hitler too, or Stalin, or even Billie Eilish but that doesn’t make what they do right or even good.
        Who said listening to her music was a sin? Glorifying Satan is… which she seems to like doing.
        But anyways, it doesn’t really matter what I say does it? You will just go on being angry and upset, caps lock yelling at people with different opinions then you, so who cares.

        • Yes people have different opinions but its none of your buisness if something is wrong with her. 1.No one loved Hitled dont spread that shit lies. 2.Billie Eilish has many different songs that have weird lyrics yes , but why not scold other weird singers? For example Ariana Grnde is a great singer but her song ar like “7 rings” or “Thank you next” show some bad temper, dating a lot of people, or getting anything you want by being rich. So whats the problem with Billie? I am not a fan of hers but I respect her, and I can tell you that most of her songs are completely normal for example: “Ocean Eyes”, “Watch” , “Xanny” yes its a bit creepy but she sings about how bad it is to smoke, “idontwannabeyouanymore”, “wish you were gay”, “I love you” , “listen here before I go” , “ilonilo” , “everything i wanted” and thats not even all. I respect everybodys opinion. But spreading false information and hating on something with no particular reason is bad , so please get things cleared out in your head.

      • Idk how old you are but you sound like you’re twelve in terms of you’re thinking. People have a right to listen or not listen and to write about it, discuss, and find others with like minds. What you do need to consider is two opposing spirits don’t occupy the same space. If you believe and love God, you might want to consider the power that negative music, energy and power has, especially in numbers. It’s just the same as positive in numbers. I don’t think all music is bad or of the devil but you are ignorant to think it can’t be. Something is wrong with her and her energy doesn’t promote goodness or even just connecting when you feel down. Re-evaluate is my thinking. The devil has energy that works hard for the good people. If you consider yourself good, are you giving them a leg up to access you and your goodness?

      • but still I agree with Lara and The author. Being sad is a apart of life but it doesn’t mean were sad our whole lives. And just cause it has a fast beat dosen’t mean it’s not a sad song… my boy is acutally about a abusive relationship she’s in. And is you think listening to songs that mock Jesus and don’t think that’s a sin You’re Incorrect
        Alsoo Jesus payed for our sins yes, but that doesn’t be we can do it again we have to repent and STOP DOING IT!! So you can keep you’re opinon to yourself sure be fan be angry and get mad. But she has a different perspective her that is kinda true you gotta admit so stop being. And like you said if have a problem with this article then don’t read it.

      • bruh yall need to stop hating. if you dont like it than just dont listen to it. easy as that. so stop hating on someone who makes more than any of yall ever will. get a life.

      • Partly true, the person who wrote this is wrong and yes we can have our own opinions but you can’t just take a look at something and judge it I have a podcast that helps people understand songs and movies and obviously the songs that the person who wrote this article said showed up and nothing ssssshe said was accurate nothing. Billie eilish explained bits and pieces and I have research a ton, all I can say is that nothing the writer thinks they know about Billie eilish is accurate.

      • I think that you should definitely tell this to your own child. A mockery of Christ’s lover cherishing Christ. WOW! definitely to your own one!

      • Yesssssss. I couldn’t state it better. I am a HUGE Billie stan but my parents think she is dark and satanic. I always try to tell them that she writes songs for people is dark places. Of course it is important to spread positivity and happiness but like you said and like what Billie said in one of her interviews, people need to know that you should not be ashamed to be sad because it is human so a lot of kids find Billie songs comforting and helpful for handling there emotions. If you really listen to “Everything you wanted” it talks about how there are people there that love you and care for you so taking your own life isn’t worth it. Most adults are blindsided by the other lyrics that talk about suicide but don’t really listen to the meaning of the song. The person that wrote this article clearly didn’t do enough research about her, watched interviews, or tried to find the true meaning of the songs. Anyone who really knows her (personally/fan wise) knows that she is a happy and cheerful person most of the time. Adults are just looking at how different she is from other artists that has been around lately. IF YOU WANNA JUDGE BILLIE. DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST AND THEN TALK TO ME.

        • Couldn’t have said it better… people only say random stuff on the internet without doing prior research and it’s because of people like these (the person writing the article) our parents are encouraged to stop us from listening to songs which have a deeper meaning.

    • I totally agree with these concerns. Very worrying indeed.

      As a teen I was brainwashed by Madonna. Then I became a mother and realised she is no role model for young girls. So my old fashioned grandmother’s became my role models. Women I admire and respect.

      Many children are suffering from anxiety problems due to State Education pressures. And sadly some children have unhappy home lives. So this young singer is a huge concern.

      But there’s is hope. My daughter has just received funding from our Local Independent Council and Church to teach art therapy to children.Totally child and family friendly.

      Melody Angel Art will bring some meaning and love into our pop industry, world.

      Here is her song Broken Souls. I hope people will take the time to comment and support.


      We do not follow a religion. But I do believe in God and the good that promotes.

    • No she can sing way better than you ever could and if you people haven’t noticed, she’s not permitting suicide she’s actually ending it atleast she helped me not kill my self, and some people have mental issues that’s just how we were born, just like me I have an major anxiety disorder and I have ever since I was 6, not because of Billie, plus Finneas writes her songs not her

      • People aren’t soft these days and no one said she was the devil, in fact he said to pray for Billie. It’s okay to be defensive but don’t forget it’s okay for people to have their own views

      • People are so messed up, tottally agree, Billie helped me get thru a lot of hard times, i can’t believe people are patronizing her. That is really upsetting. 😒. My life without Billie: 😭😖 with Billie:🙃😌

    • If ur such a fan of other people’s songs, maybe u should learn how to spell their names out. Leave her alone, go with ur business, and she will go with hers.

      • Okay I’m a Boucher fan of Billie Eilish okay but you can’t go around touching shit about people you dont even no how there life is and it’s just a song okay if your kids are going to kill them solos then your kids are psycho and Thant is your fault so just take them to a Mental hospital OK to daddies you cater psycho OK that’s your fault get them to you is there a piss or something. All she doing is making a song in the loop can I be dark OK big deal sometimes she’s a bad mood OK she’s paying her lyrics in there OK so screw you if you’re talking trash about people you’re not even in our life

    • I am a christian and I actually enjoy her music. The social awareness that she is bringing to mental health is amazing. If your child is contemplating suicide, then there is something else going on. You can’t just be like it’s because of this artist. If you do that then you are finding the easy way out by blaming it on something else, rather then actually looking into the root of the problem yourself. You only force yourself to believe its “devil’s music” cause you yourself don’t like it.

    • Agreed. I think she is only famous because of thr dark lyrics and dark music. Infortunately kids and teens can be easily drawn to it. That is why teen suicides are more common. She knows that and using this to become popular. It is dangerous . I m so happy my preteen daughter hates her music and lyrics. And we are not Christian or conservative people but we are decent peope who believe on God and goodness of people . This music and lyrics sounds they come from hell.
      Also lyrics says killing the SON not the Sun . Even worse .And out of nowhere, who is that son ? Jesus ? Not sure but any killing sounds evil to me .

      Here are more lyrics

      Say it, spit it out, what is it exactly
      You’re payin’? Is the amount cleanin’ you out, am I satisfactory?
      Today, I’m thinkin’ about the things that are deadly
      The way I’m drinkin’ you down
      Like I wanna drown, like I wanna end me.

      Honestly, I thought that I would be dead by now (Wow)
      Calling security, keepin’ my head held down
      Bury the hatchet or bury your friend right now

      I’m that bad type
      Make your mama sad type
      Make your girlfriend mad tight
      Might SEDUCE your DAD type
      I’m the bad guy, duh

      I’ll be your animal
      My mommy likes to sing along with me
      But she won’t sing this song
      If she reads all the lyrics
      She’ll pity the men I know

      Standing there, killing time
      Can’t commit to anything but a crime

      All the good girls go to hell
      ‘Cause even God herself has enemies
      And once the water starts to rise
      And heaven’s out of sight
      She’ll want the devil on her team

      My Lucifer is lonely
      There’s nothing left to save now
      My god is gonna owe me
      There’s nothing left to save now

      Some lyrics are sexually evil some are satanic . The music is also depressing . And also lyrics mostly dont even make any sense .She sounds very troubled and like she needs help. As a parent I would be concerned if my kid writes things like that even if it was to get popular.

      There used to be Heavy Metal Bands likking littlr chicks on stage. She reminds me 2020 version of it . Now It is not animals but she talks about killing a friend , the son , and herself and selling her soul to devil .
      I cant believe how that trash got awards .Music also gives me headache and makes me anxious like a horror movie music .
      I am so surprised that so many people love that .

    • Billie Eilish is telling kids, hey, you’re not the only one feeling like this, I dealt with this too, but I got help and I’m fine now, it’s ok to admit that you’re not ok, I am letting a LOT of people see my weaknesses and that’s ok. I strongly disagree with this article. Billie Eilish is a good influence on a lot of kids, have whatever opinion want, but that won’t change the fact that you’re child is gonna like her music or dislike it, you’ll never know what it’s like to be them so you can’t tell them what’s good for them mental health whise, because they’re the only one who will ever know what the effect of any specific music on themselves. Let them live their own lives. Billie is a person. Respect that.

  2. Because we’ve already had all those greats. Is is the new generation & back in the 80’s my parents demonized heavy metal. Back in the 50’s my grandparents demonized rock-n-roll.

  3. Quit fear mongering. Love Jesus but don’t shy from anything. She isn’t the devil and we aren’t in end times. I’m soooo sick of people playing this garbage. She’s a talented kid that writes about stories. Maybe you should have your kids in a healthy state of mind where they can listen to music without wanting to kill themselves or become depressed from it. My goodness people are soft these days….

    • She isn’t the devil, but she obviously has demons. Yes we are in the end times. Acts 2:17-‘And in the last days it shall be, God declares,
      that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams <—- This came to pass in the time of the book of Acts, and it was already being referred to as the last days.

      You said (Maybe you should have your kids in a healthy state of mind where they can listen to music without wanting to kill themselves or become depressed from it.)

      So then you must agree that it is not a “healthy state of mind” for a person to make music videos showing themselves depressed, and wanting to kill themselves? Or as Billie puts it “End themself”.

      People are not “soft these days”, quite the opposite. The Bible already said
      For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, proud, demeaning, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy unloving, irreconcilable, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, without love for what is good, traitors, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God holding to the form of godliness but denying its power. Avoid these people.
      (2 timothy)

      Wake up! Ask Jesus christ to forgive you of all your sins and surrender your life into His hands fully. Jesus Loves you and wants to save you.

      • You should wake up as well. Song is supposed to be a way of expressing what someone feels. She has depression, that’s why the lyrics are depressed. It’s not her fault she’s popular and people listen to her. All her “demons” are her personal demons. Nothing else. She wants to say what she wants to express. She never told anyone to kill themselves literally.

    • Billie you clearly need to reread your Bible!! As a parent, we are required, expected, held accountable to lead our child/children to Jesus. Not just go hey, do whatever, watch whatever, try whatever, but just love jesus. I’m not saying to be legalistic, but come on…

      • lori, you clearly need to let the children do whatever they want. as tweens, we are expected to do great things and STILL listen to whatever we want

      • Are all you 35 year old Christian suburban moms having fun bashing a 17 year old girl for singing about her mental illness? Not everything is religion based or satanic, she’s using the imagery as a metaphor. People are mentally ill. Stop demonizing mentally ill people. Grow up

        • If she is this mentally ill she needs to be hospitalized because she is clearly a danger to herself and her music is a danger to innocent children! What kind of parent can let their children listen and watch demonic videos and songs with no problem? Even you’re not a Christian you want your children listening to lyrics that seem to glorify suicide? She let a spider crawl in her mouth!! She needs help!! All I can do is pray for her. She is still a child too but I certainly wouldn’t want my kids idolizing her behavior!

    • Something is wrong with you, if you think something is not seriously wrong with this girl. I do not denounce that she is a talented female….. but the signs are obvious… something is not right. And yes I do love God and these are the end times….. There are people in this world that do not have to know God or just do not believe in God and can clearly see that something is off about her and the videos she makes. Once again, she is a very unique and talented individual. But please do not be oblivious to the lyrics and the things she does in her videos. This crap is not normal! Stop being ignorant

    • Her music is garbage and depressing . I dont also like it when my 5 year old nephew sings bury my friend , staple my tongue , I wanna end me . it is on radio . He is too young and might think that is normal. I am not conservative at all but I dont understand why writing bad lyrics or depressing music is cool? Luckily my teen hates her music .

  4. The girls lyrics are dark and evil. Sure music doesnt always have to be positive and joyful, we dont live in a rainbow world. As long as we can interpret and understand what it is all about we are all ok. The problem with her music is many do not understand it and take it the wrong way. Some may act on it and other just move on. Its not healthy in many ways for the kids that take it the wrong way, especially in these days where life is hard and expectations are high. There definitely is a border and Billie passed it to gain popularity and of course fill her pockets. She can do much better in other ways that are more positive in the way fans interpret her music. Using evil words and images is not the way. I still respect her talent, just not the way she is using them to gain popularity.

    • okay, first of all TONY, she was happier when she wasnt famous. so she didnt want to fill her pockets and it FOR SURE wasnt to gain popularity. you wanna know why SHE HAS TOURETTE SYNDROM. you wanna know why she is depressed? SHE HAS TOURETTE SYNDROM. so dont take her the wrong way. research her before you think “she is dark and evil and wants to fill her pockets” those two things got me the most. so dont ever do that again

      • She doesn’t know what she is doing, she is a kid . But now everyone is encouraging her going darker. Also I am not a fan of her music period.

    • she bases her songs and music videos off of her nightmares and she makes up fictional characters. she isn’t doing this to become famous or make money, she is doing this because this it what she lives to do: make music.

    • Her lyrics are dark because she has depression, plain and simple. All the demons she’s mentioned are just metaphorical for our personal demons.

    • yes because the lyrics “i dont need a xanny to feel better” is so dark. Oh and you cant forget
      “You see a piece of paper
      Could be a little greater
      Show me what you could make her
      You’ll never know until you try it
      Hmm, hmm
      And you don’t have to keep it quiet” that entire song just screams SATAN.

  5. Clearly, this “artist” is promoting demons. Playing her music might actually call up demons with little interest in human health– sort of like Oiji boards– which seem harmless enough on one level — but might, in fact, be opening a etheric portal of some sort for demons. I would avoid eilish “music” just as I might avoid having that third beer.

  6. i mean, yeah she has some issues but some of the examples used here are taken completely out of context:
    the words taken from Bury a Friend are about the toxic state of the music industry
    “i gotta sell my soul” is referring to literally selling her soul to the devil, but actual selling her “soul” to the music industry to become a star.
    instead of fear mongering and spreading words that may not necessarily be the while truth, do some Googling and try understand the lyrics more, it may help you understand why people of our generation enjoy her music, its not demonic – simply a sobering polical reality in a catchy tune

    • Yeetus, you’re one of the few people who wrote or replied that has some sense. Most people are, unfortunately toi completely stupid to understand anything symbolical or poetic in nature. Oftentimes they are fundamentalist Christians to boot, and can’t distinguish what is symbolical in the Bible and what’s not! I’m a minister of religion, and have NOT studied Billie or her poetry, but I can tell you that my hair does NOT stand on end when I hear her talking about “selling her soul”, because you’re right about what she means with it.

  7. I listened to her songs several times.
    Every time I listened, I felt more hopeless.
    At first I thought maybe I was too upset, But after my happiest moments, I listened to them again and the same thing was repeated.
    Gradually my mind became more and more involved to figure out why this is happening.
    Why this girl is so depressed?
    Why is she dressed like that?
    What is the reason behind all these scary and frustrating sentences and scenes in her poems and clips?
    Although her fans are young and teenagers who should be full of joy and hope!
    And now all the answers are clear!
    If she is not a satanism, surely she is at least pretending to be satan and that’s not a good sign.
    I am 23 years old and luckily I can understand that these are not just a song and a clip and there are other purposes beyond that.
    In order to the new generation to become completely to eliminate religion and to commit suicide and despair.
    And lastly, I am a Muslim and I love Jesus.
    I hope that one day families and all the youths and teens of the world will be aware of this and get rid of all these deviations‌ and the light of faith in God and Jesus will shine in their hearts.

    • Hii, did you ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior and forgiveness for your sins? He is the real light and more than a prophet, he loves you!

  8. Thank goodness ! Took me a long time to find a critical article of this monstrosity. I fear to witness the depravity this culture shall sink into, and still they will applaud. I am so grateful for the christian perspective and presence at this moment in time. I have never been religious, am 41 and have just started reading the bible for the first time. I am finding a whole lot of sense in the christian worldview right about now.
    I have been well aware of the material and horror show young ladies , or you know what , I’ll call them what they are little girls, children. The family friendly, cutesy, Disney character > overnight, violent transformation > breathing blow up doll whore pattern repeating again and again…was quite enough….but this morbid, Luciferian, sixteen year old… to be honest I only stumbled upon her today and I am horrified. Is very reminiscent of that movie called the Exorcist but obviously 2.0. My goodness, what are the parents thinking??
    It troubles me to the bone so it does. Billie. I have nothing against the artist. Everyone should know that she has been selected, promoted and styled FROM THOSE WHO CONTROL US USING CULTURE AS A TOOL and this is what they want our childrens heads to be pollute with , as if there is not enough to be doing that already. I am sooo angry!
    Thank you for your article.

    • Ha ha, careful Kelly. Not going with the flow of society will get you “attacked” in the comments by caps lock “ANGRY” and “RAGING” fans! Ha ha :).
      And yes… it is really sad how far and how fast this world is heading towards darkness: Matthew 24:10 And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another. 11 Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. 12 And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.

      And how they defend their Idols…

  9. Jane listen girl they thought we were in the end times during the writing of the letters to the church that was over 3000 years ago and we’re still here aren’t we and what does Billie Eilish have anything to do with the second coming of Christ lol it seems to me you are being too overprotective of the generation you have no understanding of, and btw have you seen billie’s interviews she is very “Down to earth” and her lyrics aren’t to be perceived as what they say but have a different meaning and that’s quoted from Billie

  10. y’all actually stupid. if you watched any videos of billie eilish she’s really sweet. yeah, her lyrics might be dark but that’s her style. y’all need to stop hating on a talented 17 year old while you are all like 40 concerned. when you were 13 were you making songs? no. so don’t hate on billie because it just makes you look like clowns.

    • These people that are in there like 40’s or whatever are hating on her when they aren’t listening or finding the meaning of her songs. A lot of her songs like “everything I wanted” are about how suicide is not worth it.

  11. this whole article makes me laugh. there’s false information, and billie is not being used by satan. they are just lyrics. and it doesn’t send bad messages to kids or teens. I have mental health issues as do a lot of others who listen to her music. instead of her songs making it worse, they make us feel better knowing that someone else has been through the same thing. her songs are like a coping mechanism and listening to them feels like im getting a giant hug. her songs make us happy, they don’t make us worship satan, or make us depressed or suicidal.

      • Why’s your 5 year old listening to her tho shouldn’t he be listening to “Oh McDonald” or something. If you don’t want your 5 year old to listen to her, don’t play it.

  12. Just shocked at her very last song
    Good Girls go to hell
    Is very disturbing and straight forward satanic
    She is not the devil but satan is using her big time to get the souls of o many young people. It’s very sad to see this happening before your eyes
    My kids really liked her music however I have been taking to them about my concerns with her music. Now that this new song is out I am really reinforcing to them how risky it is for them to listen to this kind of music. Hopefully they will hear me.

  13. This is so dramatic. Some parents need to stop reading into shit. Like I get how it sounds, but stop jumping to conclusions. Not everything dark is about religion. Hell i am christian and can see this. Just raise your kids properly so they know not to mix music and emotions. Kids these days have their own world going on and parents cant understand half of it because they don’t live in it. You can monitor but do it reasonably and dont go to crazy with the conclusions.

  14. So-called Christian piety from the ignorant bigots here disgusts me.
    You will all go to hell in a climate inferno, begging on your knees for ‘God’ to save you and your families.
    Let’s see who gets her first: the Climate Change weather catastrophe, or Jeepers.
    Let’s see who has the answers: scientists or the Big Baboo.

  15. I honestly think there’s something wrong with Billie and her brand. Whether she’s a devil worshipper or just using dark imagery to express herself makes no difference. She is Promoting it, and that’s what’s wrong. Especially because many of her supporters are still so young. The visuals, the lyrics & the actual songs can get very depressing and even satanic. There’s no denying her talent and influence. But, nothing good can come out of young people(people of all ages actually) listening to music about “selling your soul” and using random, shocking and demonic ideas to express themselves. We should seriously pray for this next generation.

  16. bill eyelash could summon the devil and i wouldn’t see a problem
    i hate her and her music because it’s quite overrated and bland, but if supporting her makes annoying christians angry then i guess i will

  17. It’s pretty obvious we are in the generation of vipers and I don’t pray for Tares! Discernment is crucial. Billie Ellish was given to Satan at birth. All kids should avoid this music indoctrination!

  18. -And ‘Bury a friend’ is inspired by a movie called the ‘Babadook’ , now I don’t see you attacking that or any other horror movie for ‘promoting’ satanic stuff and that. I suggest you do more research before attacking a queen. She’s faaaaaar from nasty. It’s not promoting the devil and stuff, i’m sure people are smart enough to know it’s fake and not to do it. Stop.

  19. I honestly Agree That Billie Is A Bad Influence For Teenagers . I am 15 , My Comrades At School Aren’t Fans Of Her. But Honestly , Bringing The Evil Terms In Songs Is Against What JESUS Said. We All Know That JESUS Said The Sad Becomes Happy, The Hungry Becomes Satisfied , The Poor Becomes Rich… Where I Want To Get Is That Billie Makes People Feel Sad While They Should Be Happy, She Inverts The Rules Of Life So It Could Become A Place Of Terror. She Calls Herself A Bad Guy While She Should Be A Good One And She Is A Girl. She Says That Good Girls Go To Hell While They Deserve Heaven. The Message Is Right In Front Of Everyone, I Am Not Gonna Say Anything To Make Feel Sad About Yourselves But Honestly , Look How Addiction Can Affect Us. I Am A Gamer BTW, Last Summer I Was A Fortnite Addict, This Summer I Realized How Much That Game Really Affected Me. So I Stopped It . I Could Have Played Some Other Games That Could Inspire Me More Such As Skyrim(I Don’t Encourage Violence But I Like The Ancient Theme). I Could Have Learned A New Language. I Could Have Improved My Skills (Drawing, Music,Animation…). Billie Makes Them Occupied By Dark Stuff Rather Than Telling Them To Never Give Up. I Know Life Is Infinite , We Can’t Discover Everything And Some People Are Gonna Say Why Are We Risking Our Lives To Discover It (More Like They Think It’s Pointless), I Say The More You Discover The Happier You Get , The More You Discover The More Artistic Stuff Get, The More Precise Innovation Gets And All of These Is To Simplify The Life For Our Next Gen. Teens All Around The World, As A Teenager Like You I Am Telling You To Be All Little More Conscious Than That. We Should Have Been The Ones Defying Wars And Making JESUS ‘s WORDS Clear For Everyone, We Are Making It Worse. How Can You Not Feel Like You Did Not Do A sin. Every Second I Waste I Consider As A sin. I Grab The Good Part Of Stuff. As Jesus Said, Every Fruit Tree That Does Not Give Good Fruits Is Cut And Thrown Away. Billie Made A sin But We Forgive, We Believe In Changes , We Believe In Hope. If You Want To Be Helpful To The World , Then Start A Campaign At School Or Anywhere On Social Medias That Want Billie To Change , Or More Like Every Bad Influencer To Change Because She’s Not The Only One Like That. JESUS Told Us To Be Like Him, We Can Be PERFECT, GOD Said It, But It Is Hard And It Takes Time. The Evil Tried JESUS Three Times , And He Failed. So We Won’t Fall In Temptations. We Like Stars Not Because Everyone Likes Them, Not Because Of My Friends , I Like Them Because I Feel It Inside Me , I Feel I Am Between The Right Hands. I Know I Talk A Lot , Hope You Got The Message😉!!

    • She does not make people sad. She makes songs to comfort people that are already sad. People play her music as a coping mechanism for their depression or sadness. Everything these days are about how you should always be happy and to never be sad. Billie lets people know that you should never be ashamed of being sad and that it’s ok, That it will be ok. If you listen to her songs instead of jumping to conclusions over one lyric most of her songs tell people that suicide is not the answer and it’s not worth it. She tells people that there are people that love them and it will be ok. Just because the song sounds sad doesn’t mean it makes people sad when there happy.

      • I was a depressed teenager who listen to depressing music to. Guess what? It made me more depressed. Do you know what didn’t make me depressed? A Christian friend who pulled me out of that Darkness and set the standard that my parents should have been setting, which is the stuff like this is no good for anyone. There is more to the Influence of Music than the lyrics. The melody influences people. The music video that you couple with the song influences people. The way that you present yourself as an artist and as a public figure collecting money from impressionable preteens and teenagers influences people. This young lady absolutely needs prayers.

  20. I am a Christian so I avoid using the word “Hate” as you said your daughter used. I love all people, and listen to many Christian artists just saw Kari Jobe Casting Crowns, and Mercy Me in the last couple years in Concert. Billie eilish suffers from depression, anxiety, tourette’s syndrome, and has also suffered with thoughts of suicide. She has often said she uses her music to get her through those thoughts. Dragging her worst fears into light. The monster under her bed she refers to is herself because she feels like her own worst enemy at times. There is darkness in the world.And children get depressed she is expressing her darkest fears through her music. True she is not Kari Jobe but she is not the antichrist. Christian’s that condemn an artist because they are assuming they know the true meaning of a song or what is in a persons heart; especially one that suffers with mental anguish make all Christian look bad. Obviously it’s up to you what you listen too but I refuse to believe she is evil for using her music to get through her sadness or things we can never know she has been through. If music is what helps her bring her darkness and depression to light then I’m proud of her for using whatever tools she has. You will never know what is in her heart, she has said she knows God. There is no sin greater than the other all equal in God’s eyes. We should leave it up to her and God who created her and finds her perfect in his eyes to worry about the rest.

  21. This is some of the dumbest shit I have read in a while. When are Christians going to get off their self righteous high horse? The world is not fucking rainbows and sunshine. God is Evil and wants us all to suffer. Lucifer is the one on our side! He is the reason you have the free will to write this nonsense. Without Lucifer, you wouldn’t even know how to speak or read or write. God wanted us to be ignorant sheep. Never to learn. But yet so many worship him. Why? Why do you blindly love someone who kills by the millions? Someone who forced a man to sacrifice his own child? How the fuck is that love?

  22. “And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from me—everything you heard from me and saw me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you.”
    ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:8-9‬ ‭NLT‬‬

  23. I wish there was a way to laugh react to this entire article.

    As indicated and “put plainly” your main concern with her music is that it’s depressing. What will happen one day if your children are depressed, and because of this type of censorship that have no creative outlets to relate to. In regards to the dark and “demonic” lyrics and visuals in her music… it is art. Nothing more. For example, her song Bellyache is written in the voice of a psychopath who has murdered her friends, she even talks about it in interviews. Does that mean that it is true thoughts and fantasies that she has? Of course not. Look at any author of any book, movie, television show etc…. most of it is fictional. Made for the purpose to tell a story for entertainment. You could say these same arguments against famous author Stephen King, who writes primarily in the voice of horror, with dark depressing elements. He is a creative, not a satan worshipper.

    Her video for Bury a Friend is based on the horror movie “The babadook”. The babadook is an Australian folklore which is literally about a monster under your bed. In the music video, Billie is playing the Babadook. It is something that was ALREADY WRITTEN. Please please do your research before talking down upon artists to your children, it crushes their creative abilities. It makes them believe that any dark or depressing thought they may have is wrong, satanic and will send them to hell. That is not a lesson that should be taught, thats why so many teens commit suicide because they are made to feel ashamed for their darkness, instead of accepting and open about it, like Billie Eilish is.

  24. You guys who think she is satanic are mad. I love her. There’s seriously something wrong with u guys and not her. And in all the good girls go to hell music video.. the message behind it is global warming, not Satan. She is not evil. She is a really sweet ,kind and caring person.

  25. I’m so glad you wrote this, you really can’t find much on her because she’s so new. As a young adult, who grew up in the 90s with a lot of bad influential music like papa roaches cut my life into pieces or limp bizkit which fueled a ton of rebellion and even suicidal thoughts, but I think the major difference between then and now is imagery as you said. Watching video compared to just the lyrics has such a greater impact on your psyche, especially as a young teen. And I’m very skeptical of this artist as I believe she uses demonic influence just as Katy Perry and Miley and the others do. Ppl who defend her are of this world and are worshipping idols. She is glorifying and romanticizing that darkness. Those who also defend her don’t know that Satan is real, when God asked satan what he was doing, he said he was roaming about all over the earth.

    • Oh my god! Do you all want her to sing church songs?? It is her business and her fan’s if she sings about HER depression and HER mental ilness (which is what she means by demons). You people are so ignorrant sometimes, it makes me puke

  26. I guess we should all live in fear of Art and Literature, tv and movies! Freedom of speech people- don’t like it shut it off! Public bashing of this young girl is atrocious. Some really hypocritical stuff written on here. What if it was your child was dealing with heavy things during their teen years or mental illness issues and writing about them or making music, would you call her/him satanic.. This post and all of the negativity is exactly why kids and adults are struggling. So many don’t actually practice acceptance and love. Just hateful criticism. Using or encouraging hate certainly doesn’t seem to be working out for the world. I’ve listened to her music and I just don’t overthink it.. if I see Art work at a gallery I find to intense or dark for me, I walk away.. teaching our children how to process all the media in the world is a important job.

  27. I have to say I completely agree with the lady who wrote this article.

    Jesus loves Billie Eilish and I will be praying for her!

    Please if someone reads this, remember that I am not condemning anyone to hell. What I am saying is that Billie Eilish is just another person who needs Jesus as her Savior and Lord. She needs Jesus the same way ANYONE does. I was in the same place as Billie. I wasn’t a superstar or popular or anything like that, and I’m terrible at singing, lol! But I needed Jesus. Just the same way that Billie does. And I have accepted Him into my heart, and now I am a Christian! Honestly, everyone all needs Jesus just the same amount! I am also not judging Billie’s personality or character. For all I know, she could be a super sweet, kind and fun person! I’m not judging her for herself. I’m looking at her lyrics, music, and the deeper meaning. That is also what the lady writing this article is doing.

    I’m a teen and I have heard a lot of Billie Eilish songs. Yes, they are catchy. They really are. BUT, it’s what is behind that catchy music that matters. Her lyrics (and yes, I do know her brother helps write them) clearly mock Jesus Christ, support Lucifer, and are suicidal and, well, as stated above, just plain depressing.

    First of all, anything that mocks Jesus is on the dark side. Luke 11:23 says, “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.”
    Whoever is not for Jesus, is against him. There is no “in between”.
    In her song All The Good Girls Go To Hell she says,

    ‘Cause even God herself has enemies
    And once the water starts to rise
    And heaven’s out of sight
    She’ll want the devil on her team
    My Lucifer is lonely

    Well, yeah. That pretty much says it all right there. But what I don’t get about it is the instead of saying ‘God HIMSELF’, she says ‘God herself’. I think that’s pretty weird.
    She also says, ‘My Lucifer’. That also, I find really strange. Her music videos are also really creepy and disturbing. I’m also the person that doesn’t like to watch horror movies, but it’s not only the disturbing images being shown but also the symbolic stuff. I’m not going to list it all down right now, but you can just google it or look it up on youtube for yourself if your interested in taking a deeper look into the symbolic imagery in Billie’s videos, and album covers.

    Billie Eilish’s songs are also really sad. Yes, I do know it is not a crime to be sad. Being sad is a normal emotion. But, Phillipians 4:4 says, “Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.”
    We should be constantly rejoicing!
    I know there is a time and place for everything. I was really sad when one of my close friends unexpectedly died. She was young, only 13 years old. I was young to and not prepared for that. But it would be miserable to be sad my entire life. I cried for my friend, and was upset. I am upset whenever I think about her. But it is because I have Jesus that I know I will see her again soon! She was a Christian too! And that is definitely something to rejoice over!
    Have you ever gone to, like, a party or something? Probably. Or even just had a friend over? Most likely. Maybe even just snuggling up under warm blankets to watch your favorite comedy. Definitely!!
    It’s not fun to be miserable. It’s fun to laugh and be happy and have a good time!
    It would not be fun to see all your friends laughing while your at a party having a good time, while you sit in the corner and just, well, stare. Nobody goes to a party to do that… hopefully.
    It would make you and your friend miserable if you guys were hanging out and you were just sitting there being all depressed.
    It’s no fun to watch your favorite funny movie and not even give a slight smile. What’s the point of a funny movie if you don’t even snicker a little?
    Well, the point is, I think it would be a whole lot more fun to listen to happy and uplifting music (make sure it has a good beat though!) and dance around the room. If your an introvert do it in your room. No one will be watching don’t worry (unless your a famous superstar that is being stalked by the paparazzi or something!). Jesus will be watching but you don’t have to worry about that. He won’t judge you!
    If you’re an extrovert, like myself, go do it and be crazy with your best friend!! Yes, me and my best friend do that A LOT! If you can’t do any of that, I surely hope you have a pet or something!
    Homework is stressful? Listen to some upbeat music! It makes the time go by faster!

    Anyway, I know some people are probably thinking, ‘Why are you picking on Billie Eilish and not someone else?’. Well, this article is definitely not about someone else. It’s about, well, Billie Eilish! Unless, there’s another Billie Eilish I don’t know about. There are plenty of other stars I could talk about. But it wouldn’t make any sense to be talking about, like, the movie Jaws or something else when this article is about Billie Eilish.
    When I ask my friend to buy me Reese’s I don’t really expect her to come back and say ‘Here’s the seaweed you asked for!’. That wouldn’t make sense.
    There are plenty of other articles about plenty other superstars. Research ANYONE.

    But anyway, that’s is all I have to say right now.

    Thank you for your time! I’m sorry the comment was so long 🙂

    Jesus loves you very much. I you want to more just ask a Christian, find a church, or read the Bible!

    God bless!

  28. Y’all her music isn’t mocking Jesus or supporting satin it’s just music! She has the right to sing her (amazing) songs without y’all comparing her to satin

  29. I think Billie is a messed up girl who needs to get some help. I think her music is awful and bad for kids and teens to listen to. Her song “Ocean Eyes” was nice, but now she sings about all this shit. Billie Eilish is a monster poisoning the brains of our kids.

  30. Billie Eilish is also, in many ways, a family business. The songs are written and produced by Eilish and her 21-year-old brother, Finneas, who often opens for her and plays as her backing band. The pair record almost exclusively in their comfortably cluttered childhood bedrooms, never far from their parents, Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell, long-toiling actors who pieced together bit parts, regional theater and voice-over work.

  31. billie doesn’t even worship the devil y’all just stupid. all the good girls go to hell is about CLIMATE CHANGE like when she says, “hills burn in california, my turn to ignore ya, don’t say I didn’t warn ya.” she’s not even promoting suicide or depression she’s literally saying that people are not alone to these feelings. you should see me in a crown’s crown is JUST a crown design. there’s literally nothing satanic about that. i think billie’s also christian to so y’all are hating on a believer.

    • Were you born yesterday? Please do yourself a favor and research satan symbols and rituals. You can not be that oblivious to not see what Billie Eilish and the rest of these INFLUENCERS stand for. Heck turn on the subtitles. Read it for yourself. She doesn’t hide it a bit. Right in plain sight. And people like you (and the rest of the world) are so blind to see what’s right in front of ur face!! The only thing from good girls go to hell about climate change is the oil on her wings as if shes a bird. Lol. Shes a fallen angel. Listen to the lyrics. You should see me in a crown is her mocking Jesus Christ when the put the crown of thorns on his head before they crucified him calling him the king of the Jews. I could go on and on and on……

  32. I didn’t know about Billie Eilish but I was curious about the hype. Unexpectedly when I heard Bad Guy and Bury a friend there’s something about those songs that made me kept listening to it let’s just say there’s something catchy about it. I have to agree, it gives a dark vibe or something especially that, “I wanna end me..” line. I’m not religious but yeah it exudes Illuminati to another level and it’s pretty obvious unlike those other artists. And I don’t really care if others will get offended and hate me for saying this since it’s totally my opinion.

  33. You have every right to decide not let you child listen to Billie. Personally, if my faith felt threatened by the songs of a 17 year old I would examine my faith. Her songs are fictional stories. She does not literally morph into the character she sings about in each song. Also – You let your daughter say she HATES people then turn right around & pray for them?? Ignoring heavy topics & like suicide and mental health isn’t going to make them cease to exist her stories of these topics help others feel less alone. Both Christians and non Christians are broken.

    • There are far better and healthier ways to foster conversation about the Brokenness in our world. There are better ways to talk about mental health issues than to indulge the music of a young woman who is in a lot of pain. Do you know that depression and suicidal ideation is literally contagious? What do you think happens to kids when they listen stuff like this? Do you think that every 15 or 16 year old listening is going to get the supposed hidden meaning in this young girls music? You are what you consume. Period. This music is not healthy. The music videos are not healthy. Do you think that Halloween is pleasing to the Lord as well? We are all broken and in need of a savior absolutely. But it’s up to us as individuals and as parents to be striving for holiness, not playing around with Satan. This young lady absolutely needs prayers.

  34. Have you ever listened to a single interview with her? Have you tried to find out more information about her by listening to her speak? I encourage you to. No judgement, with an open mind, and with an unbiased view going in. I’m being serious.

  35. I have always felt Billie dwelled in darkness. Her music is 100% uninspiriring and has no positive message at all. I have warned my kids her music is dangerous she is a child acting like some adult and comes across extremely immature. She honestly has no clue how dangerous her songs are. While many will see through many will also see her music as the manual to suicide and bad behavior. I long for the days of songs full of sexual innuendos not obvious but the older you where the more you got the point. Cartoons use to be this way not sexual but adult humor over the heads of kids but still funny. I grew up listening to Earth Wind and Fire, Chicago, Rush either positive views on life and pain with intelligence of societal dangers and causes to fight for. Today the industry lives and pushing the angst and depression with rap taking care of the disrespect to women and country sporting its redneck racist vibe. Good honest music is hard to find but it is still out there.

    • I’m a 26 year old woman, not a parent, but I have young teenage sisters who enjoy her music. Heck, even I like Ocean Eyes and find some of her songs catchy!

      But I have always had this terrible gut feeling that this is demonic music. I can’t even explain the gut-wrenching feeling. Seeing her music videos only confirms that. And then when you dig into her lyrics – she is spelling it all out. It’s laughable how in plain sight it is and people refuse to admit that it’s evil.

      Our society is being desensitized. Evil is normalized and worse, romanticized.

      I’m a firm believer that there is something really different about these times. Evil is all around us, in our faces, and people call it normal. I feel almost silly for saying this, but deep in my gut, it sure does feel like the end times – from fires, to earthquakes to the Novel Coronovirus, to the chilling music industry, to currupt world-wide politics. And even if it’s not the end times, we should always be guarding our hearts from what we know is wrong!

      I applaud this mother’s awareness and concern for her family.

      I’ve shared this article with my mom so that it can be discussed with my sisters, and I’ll talk with them about it in person too.

      Thank you for being brave enough to go against the grain and speak truth!

      • Thank you Jan, I completely agree. Those in and of the world are blinded to the truth. The Bible tells us this and sometimes it’s the only explanation I can see for the complete brainwashing that seems to be going on in our world. My daughter likes BE and her dad and I have talked with her about the darkness of her music. But, in truth, I had not listened to the lyrics closely. This changes things. She is a preteen and it’s my responsibility to teach her to guard her heart and mind, (As we are told to do in the Bible for those believers who want to dispute that what we subject ourselves to has no effect on our mind and body.) I will have a conversation with her about this. Many of the comments opposing the view of the author seem to be from younger people. I get it. I was once there. My parents didn’t like my music growing up, (And yes I survived. But it did affect my heart, attitude and emotions. Not to mention, some of my choices. And yes I understand what my parents meant now that I am a parent!) Their views may change if or when they have their own children who mean more than their own life. They may understand if or when they have the responsibility to raise and teach them. I want my kids to be safe, healthy, happy, and yes, we’ll rounded. But, I also want them to know that doesn’t mean opening yourself up to evil. You can study and love art or music without subscribing to things that are dark and of the world, of the devil. There is no disputing that putting music out there for kids/teens, (Who can be highly influenced,) that speaks of wanting to commit suicide or selling your soul, cannot be of God, of good or of light. We have free will and are given the choice. But be honest about what you are choosing and the weight it holds. And remember that the devil prowls and will use any means possible to kill and destroy. He knows our propensities and preys on us. Be aware of this and guard yourselves. We need to use judgement in what we say, do and allow to have space in our lives, mind and heart. We are called to love, to help others and to be a light, an example. It’s not our place to judge others. But we are called to speak the truth in love. And we can pray and reach out to those who hurt and need God. The choices we make affect others either for the good or the bad.

  36. I disagree with this whole article so much. It makes me really sad that you won’t even give Billie a chance to just explain herself. so to anyone reading this comment, I’ll explain some of it for you. first of all, All The Good Girls Go To Hell is a beautiful song and it surprises me how you could misinterpret it so much. the song is about climate change. In the music video for ATGGGTH Billie is representing a song bird covered in tar, Oil, and Grease, and is showing how much harm animals are in when she bursts into flames. where she lives, California, had many forest fires which isn’t natural. in the chorus of the song Billie clearly says this by saying “hills burn in California” and in the first verse of the song she says “Animals, Evidence” because there’s evidence of climate change and yet still no one is doing anything. Billie is trying to spread the message of climate change and important things that we have to fix, she is just facing the truth. Also, after reading a few comments, getting rid of billie eilish and the music industry isn’t going to stop climate change, maybe spreading awareness and helping our planet will. so before making rude one-sided blogs like this, give Billie some respect.

  37. Billie Eilish’s songs maybe depressing but they bring up important issues. In her song “All the Good Girls Go to Hell” she is talking about global warming;she is not bashing Jesus. I believe that her singing is beautiful and worth listening to. If you listen to some of the interviews that she does you can find out the actual meaning behind her songs. She likes to use a lot of metaphors when she sings. Overall she is very talented and I believe that she deserved the awards she got for her songs.

  38. I love Billie Eilish! She is an amazing singer-songwriter and her songs have meaning. She does not “mock Jesus”! I’m not Christian but I can tell when someone is being insensitive and she’s very respectful. No offense, but older people just don’t understand. And she’s not screwed up! She’s showing young girls that you don’t have to dress skimpy, and that “dressing like a guy,” as some would say, is fine! She’s not girly and I’m not sure why you say that she’s possessed by the devil and she’s not evil! You are being ridiculous. If you don’t like her music, or don’t understand her, don’t listen to her! Billie Eilish is my favorite singer.

    • Daddy_Muffin Billie is screwed up. And she IS demonic. In her video “bury a friend” she admitted to selling her soul and was even doing demonic poses. In the song “all good girls go to hell” one of the lyrics said “my Lucifer is lonely”. So YeS Billie is demonic and even tweeted on twitter that getting pimped by Satan sounded cool. She’s brainwashed and she’s brainwashing young teens ,who obviously can’t think for themselves,. She does mock Jesus and she isn’t a good influence to young teens at all. Now pop off(;

  39. Also for those of you that say you hate Billie, you’ve never met her! I’m pretty sure she’s a good person and she’s a feminist and she doesn’t worship the devil, if that’s even real! She’s inspiring and she puts a lot of thought into her music, unlike some artists who’s managers write their songs!

  40. Parents, stop being afraid to PARENT your kids. My parents also turned a blind eye to some very disturbing and depressing music that I listened to as a preteen and teenager. And guess what? I was depressed and messed around with the occult. My parents never lifted a finger to try to pull me out of anything. It was a Christian friend who did. She had a major influence on me and both my husband and I are raising our children in the ways of the Lord now. This nonsense about letting your kids come to their own decisions because they are teens with a sense of Independence is ridiculous. Be a parent. Say the word no. If you are calling yourself a Christian parent and allowing this garbage into your home you need to remember that we are all what we consume. So what are you allowing under your roof and under your control your kids to consume and therefore to become? It is one thing to let your kids walk their own path with Jesus Christ. We should be doing that. But we are talking about an age group in which the decision making part of their brains, the prefrontal cortex is not even fully developed. So let’s stop tiptoeing around the subject of the devil. His influence is real and dangerous. Why on Earth would you even consider allowing that into your home for a moment? Please, let us rise to the occasion as parents in a broken world and a country being devoured by satan.

  41. Listen Karen. If you don’t like her, don’t listen to her. No one’s shoving her music down your throat. And she doesn’t MAKE teens depressed. Her music actually pulled me out of a depressive episode and had I not started listening to her and following her music when I did I probably wouldn’t be here today. So no. As a 17 year old atheist female, I will not stop listening to my favorite artist. She’s not turning me to the devil, she’s not turning anyone to the devil, she’s just using lyrics to express her feelings in a unique way. You would be able to see that if you just looked a little deeper into the true meaning of her lyrics instead of judging and bashing her for what you think is satanic. Just because she’s a woman expressing herself and writing hit songs HERSELF you people think she’s connected to the devil. Dude. She’s just a strong woman who has been through a lot and has worked extremely hard to become successful, not to mention she genuinely loves what she does. She’s not satanic, in fact she’s very respectful if you bother to get to know her as a PERSON. What about some of the rappers out there? The rapper dude teens listen to that molested children and raps about being a devil worshipper? I don’t see you guys bashing HIM. Men have the okay to do shit like that but women can’t be genuinely good and successful without being seen as Satan. Makes SO much sense.

  42. First of all to those whining and gnashing their teeth at the OPs comments and others saying similar things: This is a Christian site, and if you believe in the Truth and the Word, and live in the Truth and the Word, and you read your Bible you will know these ARE in fact the End Days. Secondly, Billie Eilish DOES 100% have satanic lyrics, sorry kids. If you cannot admit to this, then don’t bother replying. Look at the Song “All the Good Girls go to Hell.” Of course all the keyboard warriors out there will say “thats not what the song is really about”, and so on and so forth. But I am telling you the truth when I say to you that the music industry hides many things in plain sight and then completely lies. The ENEMY LIES. Satan is running rampant these days. You need to wake up, and realize how deep this goes. Turn away from the things of the world. Turn away from sin, and repent. The rapture is going to be any day now, be ready.


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