The best way to teach critical thinking is to teach writing

Developing your child’s writing skills is the best way to teach and develop critical thinking

The best way to teach kids critical thinking is to help them write well. There’s no difference between writing and thinking. No one ever tells students why they should write something, according to renowned psychologist Jordan Peterson.

Well, why are you writing?” “Well, you need the grade.” It’s like, no! It would be best if you learned to think because thinking makes you act effectively in the world,” he said.

The best way to teach kids critical thinking is to help them write well.

1. Being able to formulate good arguments in writing jumpstarts a thriving career

If we can formulate our arguments coherently, make a presentation, speak to people, and layout a proposal, we have what it takes to develop a thriving career.

People will pay you; give opportunities; and we will influence because we can formulate ideas, even if it belongs to others.

In short, if you can think, speak, and write, you are absolutely deadly. Nothing can get in your way, said Jordan Peterson.

2. Developing to writing skills is the building blocks of being articulate

Not all can be great writers. It takes talent, but more importantly, it takes practice skills. When we’ve developed who to write correctly, the words and phrases we’ve learned will fill the well of confidence to be articulate and think critically.

Be articulate because that’s the most dangerous thing you can possibly be,” Jordan said. That’s being competitive. The more

3. Agreeable vs. disagreeable people who think criticallty

Agreeable people can be described as kind, warm, polite, and accommodating, while disagreeable people can be described as selfish, ruthless, and vengeful.

Interestingly, Peterson points out that disagreeable people tend to be promoted to a higher position at work because they think and articulate better.


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