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rise of witches

Witchcraft rises among Millennials, thanks to Hollywood movies

The US has more Millennial witches than Presbyterians Witchcraft and paganism have increased significantly among the US millennials, as Christianity declines. There are approximately 1.5 million Americans who identify...
bully taekwondo

Why Ateneo’s Joaquin Montes a bully

The most hated bully in the Philippines Joaquin Montes dubbed as ''Bully Atenista' (Ateneo De Manila University moniker) made headlines after a video showing him bullying a schoolmate went...
blog with us

Want to share your parenting journey?

Send us your story Successful parenting is about sharing and learning from the experiences of others. If you know a bit of writing, share your thoughts or be a...
school award

7 Bible lessons that help children have high grades at school

Important Biblical lessons that shape kid's school academic behavior The key in having high grades at school is hard work and consistency, but without a good character, it's just an academic gain, not really an...
snowman joke parody

The Snowman and Snowflakes

It snowed last night and there were snowflakes Hooray! it snowed all night and by 8AM the next morning, my kids and I made a snowman. A woman in...
emoji cards

Emoji Project

A better visual aid to communicate with students and teens, and it's for FREE! Background The school proposed Emoji Project is a project of...
neighbor adopts kids

Neighbor adopts kids’ neighbor

Fox New's Amazing Story of 'Loving Thy Neighbor as Yourself Audrey was a single mother who was busy making ends meet in order to raise her three children. She...

Why parents should invest on beach vacations

Research show kids treasure family beach vacation more than toys Research shows beach vacations for British or American kids are their most treasured childhood memories while for Filipinos and other Asians perhaps, going to Boracay...
hashtag burke

How Mom and Dad can redefine Tarana Burke’s #MeToo at home

Tarana Burke on #MeToo - "It's unrecognisable" The 'Hashtag Me Too' began with Tarana Burke in 2006 and she said her intended campaign is now 'unrecognizable'. Her campaign was to fight sexual violence in her...
womens bible geneva

Geneva feminist theologians says Bible is outdated

Geneva feminist theologians say Bible is outdated and not relevant to today's values The Holy Bible has long been viewed to suppress women's rights, promote slavery, and condemns homosexual acts. After hundreds of years, the...

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