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christian lesson

Why homeschooling is worth it

Four reasons why homeschooling your kids is worth it 1. Homeschooling is discipleship Children need intentional discipleship and homeschooling is the perfect opportunity. Deuteronomy 6:7...

Demonic Immoral Songs Videos of Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding's style of music promotes Satanism. "Love me like you" seem tamed and innocent but actually promote the anti-Christ. Goulding's make use of demonic symbols such as Skull and crossbones,...
family habit

3 Most Powerful Daily Prayers

The strongest, best, and most effective prayer you should ask God each day 1. The strongest prayer: "Amen" Christians should "pray as a group"...
not transgender boy

Pediatrician wants transgender therapy for 6-years old James Younger

Mom insists 6-Years old son is transgender and wants immediate transition Dr. Anne Georgulas, pediatrician mother of James Damon Younger wanted to enroll her first-grade son to a...
andrew moffat

LGBT Curriculum author, “Best Teacher” in UK?

Birmingham UK school teach young students "No Outsiders" LGBT curriculum "No Outsiders" is a primary education program about family diversity. Andrew Moffat, deputy headteacher of Parkfield Community School in...
toddler gift

Gifts you should never give toddlers, kids below 12 years old

Gadgets & electronic devices kids below 12 years old should not own The World Health Organization says smartphones and gadgets are a health risk because of radiation among...
cartoon kiss

Homosexual and transgender cartoon characters surge

Cartoons with homosexual, bisexual, transgender characters surge exponentially in the last 10-years. Gay characters in movies have been around since the 1950s. No producer dared show homosexual characters in...
bad influence

What kids need to know about Greta Thunberg’s scary prediction

Greta Thunberg is bad news for children Greta Thunberg's impressive but vaping "How dare you" speech made her the poster child of environmental activists. Praised by the international community,...
gadget struggle

Why I regret giving my kids video games gadget

I thought I had it under control Studies show video games are beneficial but it is also addictive. In fact, the WHO considers video addiction as a mental...
daniel harry milly

Lunchboxes photo reminds us to never complain about our kids

Mom's photo of lunchboxes remind us to never complain about our children Kuya Daniel, 9, Harry 5, and Milly 2, were three lovable kids from Ontario Canada. Their grandparents...

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