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Warn your kids not to listen to Cardi B’s songs

Warn your kids not listen to Cardi B because her songs promote the disintegration of moral values, especially among black culture Cardi B is among the most popular American singers who earn a living by...
trans pastor

Are women preachers endangering the Gospel?

The rise of female preachers and women church leaders A century ago, women were stereotyped. Many suffered in the age of oppressive patriarchy. Many looked down on women as commodities that couldn't lead, let alone...
religious piety

What’s Wrong with the Cult of Domesticity

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gospel in mind

How the Gospel is Becoming Unrecognizable

The Gospel is becoming unrecognizable, we need to look back in order to move forward A simple but effective way to share the Gospel is through the 'four spiritual laws.' Written in 1952, it's still...
spiritual warfare

Do Christians Have Authority to Cast Out Demons?

Do Christians have the authority to cast out and bind Satan and his demons according to scriptures? The short answer is yes. The disciples of Jesus have "delegated authority" to command demons to leave. However,...
peterson christian

Is Jordan Peterson Christian, and why that matters to intelligent atheists

Jordan Peterson believes in God, to be a Christian follower is another, but why should it matter to intelligent atheists Jordan Peterson's message has many parallels with the Bible's moral values. Some of his videos...

Classroom habits that can get you student awards

3 Student classroom behavior teachers look for when deciding who to give a special award Most schools today look for balance in a student's academic life. Outside having straight A's, joining a...

The best way to teach critical thinking is to teach writing

Developing your child's writing skills is the best way to teach and develop critical thinking The best way to teach kids critical thinking is to help them write well. There's no difference between writing and...

Woke Products Associated with Demonic Elements

Woke American products and companies associated with demonic elements and satanic agenda Converse Demon Ad In July 2021, Converse shoes "breaks from convention" with the TURBODRK Chuck 70, created by Rick Owens. Many record him as...