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coronavirus disinfectant

Which kills COVID-19 better: Bleach or Alcohol?

Our Daily Hack to Avoid Coronavirus Coronavirus, COVID-19, flu, or any kind of virus can be avoided through proper hygiene and sanitizers. Interestingly, COVID-19 hates heat and sunlight. You...

War Room’s Powerful prayer to save your family from Satan

War Room: Elizabeth's powerful prayer to save her family from Satan's lies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkobFVAVlf8
drag queen

Parents allow Drag Queens to Teach Twerking to their Kids

History of the Drag Queen Story Hour Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) or Drag Queen Storytime, is a children’s event that was first organized in 2015 by author and activist Michelle...

How I made my kids eat vegetables

Eating vegetables should be a serious matter for kids People who don't eat enough vegetables may experience digestive problems. Worse, they may eventually acquire colon cancer, diabetes, or...
half time

Jenifer Lopez Half Time Exposes Kids to Soft-Porn

Satanic allusion in J. Lo & Shakira "soft-porn" & "self-stimulation performance at Super Bowl Half Time The 2020 Super Bowl LIV in Miami was jaw-dropping! Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's...

Key verses in Psalm 34 kids should memorize

Most important Bible verses in Psalm 34 children should memorize growing up Lessons from King David: Despite his sins and jarred relationship with his children, God restored favor upon...

Spirit of anger manifest during our bible study

Spirit of dissension during our Bible study It was a nice sunny day when we started our family devotion. Everyone was settled as I discussed Psalm 34 "pursuing...
penis doll

Kids confused as transgender dolls with boy’s genitals sell in Russia

Transgender doll with penis dressed as girl confuses children in Russia World's first transgender female doll with penis went on sale at Planeta Igrushek store in Novosibirsk, Russia in...
school award

7 Bible lessons that help children have high grades at school

Important Biblical lessons that shape kid's school academic behavior The key to having high grades at school is hard work and consistency, but without a good character, it's...

Ellie Goulding’s Illuminati-inspired video attracts billions of Zoomers

Ellie Goulding's Satanic-inspired brand attracts millions of Instagram & YouTube followers Satan no longer hides in music and singers like Ellie Goulding have embraced anti-Bible stance into their brand...