Chanak: How to Train a Child Biblically

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End Times, School Satanic Club in America Creeps in American Schools

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Consequences of Busy Fathers

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If I knew, a poem by Sidney W. Johnston

If I knew If I knew it would be the...

Unacceptable, “Naked Adults” on Children’s TV Show in Denmark

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SlutWalk, Daddy’s Little Slut, Creating “A Whore New World”

"SlutWalk" and "Daddy's Little Slut," indecency now a fashion and feminist movement

Science & Logic

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How to handle two types of kids with bad attitude

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Dealing with a disrespectful child

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7 Bible lessons that help children have high grades at school

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Three formulas for millennial parents to have obedient kids

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Emoji Project

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Why parents should invest on beach vacations

Research show kids treasure family beach vacation more than toys

It's not easy

Parenting is not easy with busy parents and kids on gadget. We need relevant and practical skills, rooted in God's word to do this.