Michael Murray’s ‘Nobody Left Out,’ Best Devotional for Teens

Why Michael Murray's 'Nobody Left Out' is the best devotional book, especially for...

Christian Values in Ratatouille Movie

Important values in Ratatouille cartoon, kids can learn in the movie

Chanak: How to Train a Child Biblically

Meaning of 'chanak' in the Bible Our sinful nature is...

Consequences of Busy Fathers

Are you a busy father? As a father, I...

If I knew, a poem by Sidney W. Johnston

If I knew If I knew it would be the...
family umbrella

Biblical Order of a Christian Family

Kids should submit to parents, as everyone submits to God through Jesus,...


Can Satan cause depression and anxiety?

How Satan can cause sickness and mental illness There is...

Why anxiety and depression increasing among teenagers

Three main causes of depression today, as the last days draws near
religious piety

What’s Wrong with the Cult of Domesticity

Culture, not a Cult of Domesticity: Where Barbara Welter got it wrong and...
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How the Gospel is Becoming Unrecognizable

The Gospel is becoming unrecognizable, we need to look back in order to...
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Do Christians Have Authority to Cast Out Demons?

Do Christians have the authority to cast out and bind Satan and his...
peterson christian

Is Jordan Peterson Christian, and why that matters to intelligent atheists

Jordan Peterson believes in God, to be a Christian follower is another, but...

Classroom habits that can get you student awards

3 Student classroom behavior teachers look for when deciding who to give a...

The best way to teach critical thinking is to teach writing

Developing your child's writing skills is the best way to teach and develop...
children save the world

What to teach your children about climate change

5-Facts you can teach your kids to understand why climate change is partly...


Cohabitation and polyamory are sins destroys nuclear family

Polyamory, cohabitation, polygamy, trouple and plural marriages are all sins in the...

How militant LGBTQ activists are destroying the nuclear family

Six schemes of Satan using militant LGBTQ activists to destroy the nuclear family
hippie age

‘Age of Aquarius’ in 1960s continues to target teenagers today

The demonic spirit of 'Age of Aquarius' in 1960s continues to target teenagers...

What’s preventing young people to get married today

Three reasons what's preventing young people to get married today, and it's not...

Warn your kids not to listen to Cardi B’s songs

Warn your kids not listen to Cardi B because her songs promote the...
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Women preachers, endangering the Gospel?

The rise of female preachers and women church leaders are endangering the Gospel
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How Pastors are endangering the Gospel by talking politics

3-Reasons why pastors and Christian leaders are endangering the Gospel by talking about...

Woke Products Associated with Demonic Elements

Woke American products and companies associated with demonic elements and satanic agenda

Should Christians Listen to Hillsong, Bethel, Jesus Culture, or Elevation?

Should Christians Listen to Hillsong, Bethel, Jesus Culture Band, or Elevation Music?

It's not easy

Parenting is not easy with busy parents and kids on gadget. We need relevant and practical skills, rooted in God's word to do this.